Communication and remote working. How to improve it for your business?

Remote working and employees have become popular and accessible in this pandemic. With the entire world closed down and everything from offices to schools shifted on an online platform, people have embraced the ease and convenience that remote working offers. Office buildings, infrastructure and many other expenses that follows maintaining a full-fledged office can be avoided just by operating your business remotely. It can also help source talent from the entire world, breaking geographical barriers and talent shortage. Remote working and the internet have helped businesses increase their operations on a much broader scale.

Still, there are some problems with remote working that cannot be ignored. Effective communication and collaboration are not accessible when working over the internet. Apart from that, the security threats for video calls, business messaging and other components make it susceptible to cyber threats and attacks. A cyber threat like that can be harmful to essential and private business information and also leak it. Also, it is dangerous for the employees’ privacy if the systems face any threats. All of these problems stress the importance of hiring a professional communication specialist who can help you operate your business smoothly and without any hassles. Here are some tips on how you can improve the communication among your business team during remote working:

Ask what your team wants.

Your employees might be comfortable communicating over a different platform than you think. If you are a startup owner, it is always better to ask your teammates whether they want to communicate through a specific medium or not and if they are comfortable with it. This can help wonders as your employees feel valued, which always goes a long way in increasing employee motivation. Take their opinions and consider the business goals to arrive at a decision.

Creating a schedule

A schedule is crucial for remote working as it helps keep track of the team’s activities and progress. Create a communication schedule where you talk about the daily progress and the problems. An exercise like this would help you keep an eye on the daily activities and ensure whether your employees are comfortable in working with a specific thing or not.

Schedule daily, fortnightly or weekly progress meetings according to your business needs and create a schedule.

Embrace video calls

Video calls are the next best option to meeting face to face. They help you communicate effectively and get the opinions of the other person. Many free video calling applications are not considered the safest and secure option for businesses. Hire a professional for remote communication solutions that can help you have a secured line of communication with your team.

Breaking the ice through team building activities

It is your responsibility as an employee to ensure that your employees are comfortable when communicating. Remote working and video calls might not be the cup of tea of every person, but you need to make them comfortable. Team building activities or social hour are the kinds of things that help break the ice and also have a break from work. This helps increase employee morale and also make them enjoy their work life.

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