Create Interactive Videos

Interactive videos allow user interaction. These videos play like regular video files, but also include contextual help and online knowledge checks.

What are interactive videos?

Interactive videos consist of non-linear ways of telling stories. The viewer has the ability to interact with the video using tools or other interactive elements.

In this way, you will be able to capture the user’s attention well and convert the content that is taught into actionable information for the student. These are some of the advantages of interactive videos:

Interactive videos get more student engagement through personalization and assessments

Interactive videos improve a viewer’s cognitive reasoning

Interactive videos are ideal for students of any age group

Interactive videos have long been the de facto trend in corporate training and in measuring employee engagement quotients. If you want your colleagues or employees to quickly grasp a complex topic, interactive videos are a great way to do this.

In Captivate, you can make a slideshow video, YouTube video, or cpvc file interactive, as well as include interactive elements in the video. You can insert bookmarks into the video timeline and directly access the bookmarks from any point in the video or cptx file.

An interactive video is only available in HTML5 preview/publish workflows.

On the large button bar, click interaction video. The following dialog box appears.

Make a slideshow video interactive

To make a slideshow video interactive:

Create an empty or interactive project (File > New Project > Empty Project or File > New Project > Interactive Project).

To add slideshow video to your project, on the toolbar, click Interactive Video, or on the large button bar, click Media > Video.

On your computer, choose a video.

Click OK.

Once you’ve added an mp4 video to your project, you can add interactivity. One of these procedures can be followed:

Bookmark:  Add bookmarks to point out points of interest in the video. Markers allow you to indicate a specific position to access directly in a video.

Overlay slides: Overlay slides direct the viewer to a place in the project after completing an action in the video.

Add a bookmark

In the timeline, drag the play head to the point in the timeline where you want to insert the marker.

In the timeline, the existence of a marker is identified by a + symbol in a yellow square.

You can also highlight a bookmark on the timeline, or copy and paste the bookmark icon into the text.

At the time required, click on the marker.

Give the bookmark a name and click the box.

At any point in the video, for example when you click a button, if you want to access the bookmark, in the Actions tab of the Property inspector,

In the If Passed action, from the drop-down list, selects the Go to Bookmark option.

In the Bookmark dropdown list, select the bookmark you created.

Delete a bookmark

On the timeline, choose the bookmark you want to delete.

To remove the bookmark, click the Trash icon.

Add overlay slides

Add a new dimension of interactivity to recorded or streaming video with Adobe Captivate. Mark any slide as an overlay anywhere on the video timeline. In this way, you can add interactive layers to improve the attention span of the student.

Overlay slides in an interactive video direct the viewer to a destination after completing a video interaction. For example, after a lesson, a spectator takes a quiz. Depending on the results you get, you continue or you are taken to another slide with instructions to correct the errors. Such a slide is called an overlay slide.

In Captivate, you can add an online knowledge check or content overlay slide.

To add overlapping slides,

Add a slide. In it, embed the content or knowledge check, what the viewer should see.

Go to the slide with the slideshow video. On the timeline, drag the play head to the point where you want to add the overlapping slides.

In the Overlay Slide dialog box, choose which slides you want to designate as overlays when the video reaches the specified point.

To insert the selected slide, click Insert.

After you’ve added an overlay slide, the slide appears in the filmstrip, as shown below. The overlay slide now shows a bookmark; this indicates that it is an overlay slide.

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