Cybersecurity: A Proactive Approach

Cybersecurity is one of the most popular body of technology. It is one of the most burning and eye-catching topic of discussion in Industry as day by day compnaies are coming up on digital platform. The current situation gave the dynamic idea of keeping the environment secure with its key important data and resources.

Cybersecurity not only allows to protect the business environment internally but also externally. It has become a necessity for the growing business nowadays irrespective of the field it belongs, as current stats clearly shows that any industry which has data associated with them can be catched by these cybercriminals. The cybercriminals are much focussed on the data, that is something what we call the basis to run an organization. There are several types of upcoming attack that are with multi-steps and multi vector and people may not even realise what process is running in the system and at a point of time it will completely encrypt and control the system and it can from anywhere from network within or outside the company. The intruder may make several attempts to and initiate different type of attack on environment so it is never suggested to go with a solution that provides you the direction to protect the data from a particular kind of attack. Being specified with the solution that does not have multi functionalities associated with it will be a never preferred and will never exist for long time in race. The cybersecurity market is rising day by day as people are getting aware of the importance of being cyber secure and experts highly recommend to have a solution that can enable you to detect and throw out any of the attack that can be made by them.

Difficulties Faced by Companies to select Cybersecurity Company for the Solution

When the necessity arise to secure the network organisation started hunting a solution that can help them meet there need. They see multiple option with multiple ways of using a solution and most of the time when they start exploring the solution they see they are getting solution in form of Silos and with multiple complex integration and this is how people started moving out from this as they see lot of complexity in handling the solution provided by maximum of Cybersecurity Companies.

Still there problem do not get solve and they opt for these silos whose handling, data association, ingestion, configuration becomes difficult for user to handle it and it also arises the situation to increase the human resource to handle the various functional silo product separately, And these type of solution they will keep demanding the various integration by time to add new feature and functionality. That will take a lot of manual effort and financial investment too.

Once the companies they get breached they don’t only face the financial crisis but also the reputation crisis, they do not get much interaction in market and companies are scared of associating business with them.

What is required?

A ideal Cybersecurity company with it solution should be the one having the feature and functionalities as :

  • Simple Handling
  • Eliminating the use of multiple silo solution
  • Easy ingestion on platform
  • Minimum  resource require to handle the solution.
  • Best Efficacy, Efficiency and ROI
  • 24*7 support from the Team and other
  • SoC services
  • Low capital cost

This Glimpse of functionalities mentioned above and many more are present in the industry recognise solution Seceon. Seceon is a MA,US based Cybersecurity Company which provides Comprehensive cybersecurity solution enriched with 360 degree visibility and capabilities that eliminates the need of multi integrated silo solution and capable of performing the Continuous Monitoring, Proactive Threat Detection, Elimination of Containment and Remediation in Real time. It enriches the user environment with multi tenancy capabilities and make it capable enough to monitor all the data whether it is on prem or on cloud. Its reduces the complexity for the user and make easy to handle for them. There are million lines of code and algorithms that run behind the system to provide the Best Efficacy, Efficiency and ROI. The user does not have to allocate the resources separately and fetch out the result, it keeps the user all apart from the complexity and shows the contextual summary of essentials that are required to be looked immediately, and further it has an added the feature to make a deep dive of complete malicious attempt that started taking place in multi chain attempt.

The best part of solution is it is feasible for all business sizes i.e from small to large business organization.`

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