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Anyone can experience employment discrimination. Although federal and state discrimination statutes include protected classes, a lot of people do not realize there are different kinds of workplace discrimination. If you think you have been discriminated against at work, you must know your rights and legal options by consulting an Austin Employee Discrimination Lawyer no matter the type of discrimination you are experiencing. The following are the different types of workplace discrimination:

Direct Discrimination

This type of discrimination happens when a person receives unjust treatment at work due to a characteristic that makes them a member of a protected class. Often, direct discrimination is intentional based on an employee’s status in this class. 

Indirect Discrimination

This type of discrimination is usually not intentional. It often results from a policy or rule that is meant to apply to all people in a company but imposes discriminatory conduct against those who belong to a protected group. Indirect discrimination often occurs through employee mandates for activity and uniforms that may put certain workers at a disadvantage. Although employers may not want to intentionally discriminate against a certain group of employees, their failure to adjust their policies can make them liable for discrimination. 

Workplace Harassment

Although sexual harassment through unwanted advances by a superior or coworker is common, harassment in the workplace can take a lot of forms. To be considered a form of harassment, the conduct must be unwarranted and unwelcome and performed to violate or humiliate a victim while making a work environment hostile. Workplace harassment includes bullying, inappropriate jokes and comments, gossip, and exclusion of certain workers from meetings or events due to their status in protected classes. 


Retaliation happens when a worker speaks out against illegal conduct or discrimination in good faith. It can take place in incidents such as discrimination allegations, giving evidence related to complaints, supporting a colleague with alleged discrimination, and others. It can take in the form of promotion and raise denials, loss of wages or work hours, and unfair treatment. Sometimes, an employee can get fired as retaliation for their coming forward.

Regardless of what type of discrimination you are dealing with, you must not suffer in silence. You can seek justice and compensation for the damages you endured with the help of an experienced attorney. Your lawyer will guide you through the entire legal process to help you recoup your losses as a result of ongoing discrimination.

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