Do you know what influencer marketing is?

Influencer Marketing (a form of marketing through influencers to send a brand message to market) has skyrocketed as a new direction for companies looking to grow both brand awareness and loyalty of the customers. With the boom in entertainment, people often follow information about influencers and celebrities rather than watching TV or reading simple articles. This means that marketers need to change if they want to connect with customers as much as possible.

Nowadays, the world of social media influencers is a pretty hot topic. As an entrepreneur, you’ve certainly run into the term nano influencer marketing, but you’ve heard a lot less about who or what influencers really are.

In this post you will get an answer to this, but we will also discuss why influencer marketing works and you will find out if your brand can benefit from it as well. Let’s start with the basics!

Who are the influencers and what do they do? 

What does this word mean at all?

The term “influencer” actually means “influencer” or a person with influence on a large audience. That in itself suggests a lot about it, doesn’t it? Well, in a nutshell, the influencer is one – or more – people with very successful social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.), not infrequently with hundreds of thousands of followers.

These are interesting people who don’t accidentally have a fan base in the strict sense of the word: they successfully address their followers with their diverse, exciting content. They do not smell of sweat; these people “give themselves up” and are therefore so successful on social media.

Influencers are usually asked by smaller or larger brands to “mention,” that is, to mention a product or service within a post or video. They do all this in a very ordinary, believable way.

Why work with influenza people?

Influencers are essentially the kings of social media who are able to reach huge crowds with minimal effort. Their followers trust them because they share their lives with them, so the whole thing will be much more personal. This trust is why influencer marketing is so popular.

Wouldn’t you rather buy a product recommended by your favorite singer or actor? We thought! Of course, you don’t have to think about movie stars, as there are plenty of influencers who already make a living from it and have camps of tens or hundreds of thousands.

It is important to note here that the number of followers does not mean that the given influencer is successful because today anyone can get tens of thousands of fake followers to their site with a few clicks. Therefore, it is very important that we look carefully at the background of our looking influencer before putting our heads together for cooperation.

Can your brand benefit from it?

It totally depends on your brand. What are you doing? Who is your target audience? What products or services do you have? In which field do you work? Before you start looking for influencers, you need to answer these questions first.

To give you a simple example, a company that makes reinforced concrete elements will not benefit from influencer marketing as it will bring very few people to fever. In contrast, for example, a special hair dye brand can already expect much greater success in this area.

On the most popular influencer platform, Instagram, the top 3 markets are dominant: the beauty industry, food/beverage, and sports and fitness. If your product or service falls into any of the categories, influencer marketing India may be the winning solution for you. 

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