E-Commerce SEO Strategy: Essential Tips for 2021

SEO strategies for any eCommerce website are necessary and a challenge in itself. With competitive market trends in the line, driving more organic traffic to your website has become very important. Without these visitors, your business will cease to exist with a low number of sales.

The best way to avoid having a low number of sales is to come up with a comprehensive SEO strategy. Lately, many established eCommerce websites have been up with their SEO game for such a long time that they have enjoyed most of the market sales. eCommerce businesses, like Amazon, have managed to attain a huge amount of sales.

These kinds of eCommerce websites have managed to keep up with the latest market trends and implemented new SEO strategies. You can also opt for an eCommerce SEO Company like Brainvire, Brainvire is an eCommerce SEO service provider which helps to grow your business. These strategies help websites control a good amount of traffic. Although established companies have been maintaining their top rank, new and growing companies are still struggling to reach a good position.

New eCommerce stores, that are trying to establish a strong online presence and position in the market, need a guide to improving their SEO game. There are a few important tips and techniques that might assist you as an eCommerce business owner to derive maximum traffic and sales.

Essential SEO Strategies for 2021

  • Website Navigation

The way a user finds and clicks on your eCommerce website is an important step in growing your sales. At first, visitors go through online search engines to find their desired product. When they come upon their desired product in the search engine, they click on that result based on their choice.

Now, your website URL and breadcrumbs lead your traffic. What it means is that a simple and clear URL for your website and/or page goes a long way in increasing your website traffic. A user can navigate your website when it pops up high on the search results through keyword placement.

Further, this is a great opportunity to create profiles at high pr profile creation sites to express your services. On the other hand, image submission on different websites is a professional way to explore your product’s visibility and image submission sites also give back high-quality do-follow backlinks. 

So, keyword research and placement are not only important for the content of the page, these are also important for the website URL. Keyword placement in the URL of the pages heightens the chances of showing up on the top search results. Working on website navigation is a healthy and organic process to derive traffic.

  • Website Structure

The first priority of every eCommerce SEO strategy is to build a good website architecture. When users visit a website, the first impression matters a lot. Whether they are able to search thoroughly and according to their requirements is a huge factor. This factor ultimately makes them buy a product or service from the website.

So the website architecture should be smooth and user-friendly so that users are not put off by the format and leave. Working and improving the architecture will help you define your website’s hierarchy.

When a website has a well-organized structure, search engines find it easier to comprehend its content. After analyzing the website, search engines push relevant pages up the search results according to their deserved position.

  • Make Every Step Easy for Customers

Customers generally look for websites that help them categorize products according to size, price, discounts, and more. Although categorization of products used to be the only norm back in the day, things have changed quite a bit now.

People are more keen on visiting websites that help them through every step when making a purchase. Apart from categorization, they need recommendations, discounts, offers, membership, subscriptions and a lot more. The ultimate goal for an eCommerce business owner is to have customer retention.

An eCommerce business can only retain customers if they have a strong bond with them in the first place. Customers look for user-friendly websites that help them make a purchase quick.

If a customer occurs on a website that fulfills all these criteria and also gives them recommendations and offers as a bonus, they will come back to make purchases later too. This is how you can build a strong base of loyal customers.


The latest trends recommend all business owners to implement eCommerce SEO strategies to improve their ranking on the search engine. Ranking plays a very crucial role in driving traffic to the website and hikes up the sales.

All new and emerging eCommerce business owners are adopting SEO strategies to succeed with organic traffic. In such times, these business owners need some guidance that will help them get through the emerging phase quickly and scale up smoothly.

The comprehensive guide provided here will help eCommerce businesses implement all the required strategies, further improving website traffic.

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