Easy steps to install wifi at home

As we live in the technology-driven era, online transactions have grasped a significant part of the world. Life without an internet connection feels next to impossible. We can’t even think of a day where we don’t have access to the network. It has become a perfect substitute for life. We need this connection all the walks of life as everything has become digital .not only this, it feels like a nightmare if someday our internet connection is lost and we cannot talk to our loved ones. It feels like the world has frozen and become stagnant. It has become a basic need for everyone as the education system and office work is being conducted online. It has made the world a global community removing all the communication barriers. So keeping all this in mind, there was an evolution of the wireless network that allows all the electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, tabs to stay connected to the interface at all time. It is operated without cables and wires and is the best alternative for homes and offices. The users can roam anywhere and still have access to the network. Today, the home network has become necessary for everyone. We can also connect multiple devices over this network and enjoy our favourite movies and series. let us discuss few simple steps to set up wifi at home:

purchase a wireless router: The first step in this process is to buy the router and think of its right placement. It is essential to consider the feasible distance between the device and the router.

Connect your wireless router: Before doing anything, Switch on the modem. Connect one of the cables to the modem and then connect the other end of the cable to the WAN port. Make sure the devices are connected to the power and leave the device to boot.

Open configuration page: Configuring your network are different for every brand. You can look into the instructions that come with the router. Start by connecting the wireless gateway, either by plugging it or connecting it to the default network name. then, you can change the password and keep a simple and secure password. The password should be such that it can be easily memorised. Click on the save before exiting.

Figure out where the router must be placed: Once the settings are configured and saved, the router must be placed in a position that can be easily accessible to all. The placement must be exact and appropriate and must have the maximum coverage. To make the greatest of your network, make sure it is not placed between the walls and any kind of hurdles and enjoy the best wifi network.

Connect a device: Any device that needs wifi for its working can be easily attached to the home wifi network. The device will first start scanning for the available networks. Once SSID appears on the screen, the users need to enter the enabled password through encryption. To test the speed of the wifi, the users can open any web page and use it.

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