Edtech and Advanatgaes of Educational Technology

The importance of education cannot be overstated. It goes without saying that not everyone has access to quality education. This educational gap exists for numerous reasons like economic situations, background, and likewise. The development of technology and the advancement of the same, has opened new doors and opportunities. Edtech is one such amazing opportunity. It is short for Educational Technology and with the onset of Edtech, more people have been able to access quality education. While there still exists a divide or a gap, Edtech has been able to broaden the reach and allow access to education to a larger spectrum. 

Today we will be talking about Edtech, its advantages, and the importance of technology in education. 

From a time when people waited months and years to hear from their loved ones who were abroad, to a time when the world is just a click away, we have definitely come a long way. A large part of the changes that have happened around us can be attributed to technology and its advancement. Ten years ago if you were to tell someone that a person from a remote village can take courses from an esteemed university in the other part of the country, while sitting at home, people would have laughed it off. But look where we are now. Classes have moved online and online education has become the new normal. 

Before delivering deeper into the advantages and importance of EdTech, let’s get a better understanding of what EdTech is:

What is EdTech?

EdTech, as mentioned, is short for Educational Technology. It is a combination of two words, i.e., education and technology. Computer software, applications for students and teachers, teaching tools, learning tools, and likewise, fall under this umbrella. 

For instance, there are homework reminder apps, digital flashcard makers, online whiteboards virtual classrooms, etc. All this and more falls under EDtech. It helps to increase student engagement and makes the lives of both teachers and students easier.

Advantages of EdTech

1.Better Student Engagement

Student engagement is one of the major concerns that teachers have. Edtech tools help to improve engagement in the classroom. There are a lot of features and options that Edtech provides. For example, in an online teaching app like Teachmint, there are multiple options like live chat, online tests, assignment sharing, announcements, and more that help teachers to be in constant touch with their students. Communication is inevitable and through communication both engagement and interest can be made better. 

2. Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, Edtech has helped to break the geographical boundaries that stopped a lot of people from accessing quality education.  Students can attend classes from the comfort of their home and they can do it at their own time. The pandemic has locked us in our homes and Edtech has become a necessity at this point. Having said that, Edtech will continue to be an essential part of our life even after the pandemic situation settles down. The ease and efficiency that it brings to the table is the sole reason for the same. The brilliant features of virtual classrooms and the array of options that it provides have attracted more people than ever. Teachmint, for instance, is a free online teaching app with more millions of users and its mission is to democratize online education. This is possible because of the advancement in technology.

3. Personalization

Students can now choose the course that they want to and the options are not limited to what their college or university is offering. In addition to this, since online courses and online platforms provide the option of asynchronous classes, they can study at their own pace and this gives them the bandwidth to work while learning. Teachers have the option to include animations and games in the classroom and all this helps to alter the whole learning experience and make it better than ever!

4. Easy Assessments

With the numerous tools that are now available, evaluation and assessments have become easier than ever before. Conducting online tests has become effortless. Creating the test and evaluating it, downloading the results everything is just a click away with online teaching apps. Teachers just have to figure out the right Edtech platform for them and then go ahead accordingly. It is important to note here that with the digitization of education, the usage of paper has dropped down. 

5.Automation, Automation, Automation!

Thanks to educational technology and its tools, it is not a hassle to understand growth and track the same. Analyzing trends and creating reports is a hectic task. With digital tools, automated reports are available and this takes stress off from the teachers and saves a lot of time and effort.  This helps teachers to focus on the important aspects of teaching and learning.


The future of education is technology-driven and we cannot sideline the numerous opportunities that Edtech puts forward. Apart from making quality education accessible, it also brings affordability to the picture. The possibilities of technology are as vast as the universe itself and it is up to us to leverage it accordingly.

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