Education and whole personality

Education is something that many people say a lot about. Many of them are complex or incomprehensible. We focus on the words of the Greek philosopher Aristotle as “flower decoration” and “knowledge of a difficult place”. There were many attempts to explain this detail but no one was able to satisfy my interest. Alternatively, the words of English author Joseph Edison on education: Sculpture is for the marble block, knowledge is for the human soul. It is difficult to say that there are many types. But what does this tell us about education? Does this explain why we need knowledge? Not really, because the concept of the soul is still a shady area today. So how do we begin to understand what is necessary for our present life? Simply put, education is the process of training our minds and it can be used in any field: teacher education !

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Knowledge can be like gathering and eating fruit. Choosing fruit from a tree is like choosing a field for education. When we cut it, we see the first taste of the title. When we chew the cut part, we begin to perceive its various aspects such as taste, texture, complexity and complexity, and when we are ready to move on to the next part, we swallow whatever we absorb. Are Can be used for further use. The tree we bear fruit – the whole body of the thinkers of the past and the voice that tells us which fruit to choose – is the teacher who translates this knowledge.

Throughout our lifelong learning (no, not like school or college graduating after a certain period of time), we are always familiar, recognizable and recognizable. . Light plays an important role in education – literally and figuratively – visual income must be carefully studied and without light – without sunlight or electricity – we will lose the whole world of knowledge. In fact, there are “light of knowledge”, “light of work”, “safe in the dark” and so on. Such as sentences.

You may be wondering how we can reduce the infinite amount of knowledge so that we can choose what we want or want to know. This includes the “Brain Training” section. According to psychology, the brain is the center of perception, which activates consciousness, thought, perception and judgment. We have this kitchen for the information available, we can customize the season and arrange pages and information sections for complete information. Like a good kitchen, there are endless possibilities in mind (often it confuses our young people when they decide to pursue higher education in a particular field), so it is important to teach them how to do it. The choice is better because every good chef should know what to use for the bowl or not. Unfortunately, the world we live in does not allow us to do our best. That is why specialization is required. Thus knowledge is needed.

Another obvious question is how do we get an education? It is easy to use metaphors and analogies to describe such a thing, but it is sometimes difficult to provide parallels in the real world. One answer could be school, college or university. There is another form of formal education. Home schooling, distance learning, etc. It is a guided and limited education, especially in the Indian context. It is difficult to find a good school where our knowledge can be tailored to our needs and tastes. Often we do not take advantage of the opportunity we get. We are influenced by parental pressures, desires, aspirations, desires, and the social tendencies of our parents and adults. It also often has a negative effect, as the student is unable to control the conflicting income and is under joint pressure. Students can achieve their aspirations and need an education system that is not subject to current trends in order to achieve the right trend and full potential. John Cates, a well-known English poet, is an example of how this can help. Trained to become a doctor, Keith voluntarily revoked his pharmacist’s license and eventually devised a path that was unparalleled with anyone else.

Education is not the only way to make money, it is often considered. Its open door to wealth is second to none.

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