Educational cluster and software solution

What is an Education Cluster?

A cluster is a network organization of joint activities of several participants (groups, systems, etc.).

If you form a cluster for educational purposes, then you can increase the efficiency of educational activities, not being limited to the educational process in any format: full-time, part-time, mixed.

By uniting all participants in the educational process into a single system and providing the autonomy of each subsystem, we have created a software solution – an  educational cluster – a form of joint activities of an educational organization, experts and employers with technology expert company like mango tech.

Advantages of the educational cluster:

 Reducing the time to access educational information within the network.

 Increasing the number of stakeholders in the process – cross-regional coverage.

 Simplification of the mechanism for demonstrating and using the best didactic approaches and pedagogical practices.

Tip of the day. Project work: smart planning

It’s the second week of September, and it’s July again in our office – another junior has joined us. Now the main task of a beginner is to learn how to work in a team, improve their skills and become a full-fledged part of the Softbot team.

It is for you, dear newbies, that we have prepared a series of articles dedicated to organizing work in an IT company. This section will also be useful to everyone who comes to us for an internship or practice.

So, let’s begin.

An important step in working in IT, regardless of the position in the company, is planning .
The most popular and effective way of organizing work and planning is the Kanban board .

A kanban board is a tool for implementing a development management method.

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  • desktop (paper) kanban boards
  • interactive kanban boards.

The latter will be useful to developers and anyone involved in the software development process.

For an agile development methodology in IT, we recommend using lean development (the so-called lean production of a product i feel curious).

Our planning software solution contains this tool. It is a table with task status columns, for example:

  • backlog – under discussion
  • ready – agreed
  • coding – the code for the product is written
  • testing – is being tested
  • approval – approved
  • done – done
  • released – the stage of launching or transferring to the production server.

Using an interactive Kanban board or simple stickers, you can

  1. visualize the workflow
  2. plan your work
  3. optimize team work.

What is information waste in education and how does it appear?

Often, when you need to order a digital platform of the DSPC , an educational platform or simulators to prepare for Worldskills championships , the customer organization offers its vision of the software product. And it is right. After all , software development is the process of creating a product FOR a customer.

But there is one BUT . If an expert in the subject area is not involved in the development of a software product for education, there is a great risk of creating a software product that will subsequently turn into information garbage.

What is information trash?

Information garbage is the pollution of a resource with incomplete, unnecessary, low-value or irrelevant information.

In other words, the customer receives a software product that is not suitable for the job. And what are the users doing? They just upload Word files, pictures, etc., which do not carry any educational value. Sound familiar, right?

How to avoid creating information waste when ordering a digital platform or other educational product?

  1. Create a technical assignment, guided by regulatory documents, and not just your own desires.
  2. Ask a subject matter expert or expert for help. Alternatively, take advantage of the opinions of our internal and external experts working on Softbot projects.
  3. Check that the components (modules, clusters, etc.) have logical connections and interact with each other.
  4. Examine the software product for its effectiveness: I perform an action ⟾ I get a result for my educational purpose .

Don’t buy an education product that you don’t need – create what is necessary and important.
If you need advice on how to create a technical assignment or how to develop a software product, write to us – and we will do it together with you!

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