Evansville, Indiana Family Travel Guide

While spending some time in this Ohio River city, I can see why Evansville is a fantastic vacation for people of all ages, especially families. Here’s my list for fun things to do in evansville indiana. You should spend at least 2-3 days in Evansville, anything less will make you feel sleepy.

Traveling to Evansville

Evansville is 5 hours from Columbus, OH; 5.5 hours from Chicago; 2.5 hours from St. Louis; and 2 hours from Louisville, KY. Evansville is a great place to visit whether you’re in the Midwest or Southeast of the United States.

There are museums and attractions for people of all ages in Evansville. The Children’s Museum of Evansville (a.k.a. CMoe) and Mesker Park Zoo are must-sees for families with young children. The LST-325 is ideal for older youngsters or history aficionados. The Evansville Museum’s transportation exhibit is a must-see for anyone interested in trains or boats.

Evansville Children’s Museum

Family Koch Evansville’s Children’s Museum features three storeys of interactive play. There’s something here for everyone! My three children, ages eight, six, and four, kept us occupied for two hours, but we could have easily stayed longer.

The music room (not Mom’s favourite room), the water deck, and Aluminate at the entry were all attractions within the museum. I liked how the museum seemed to cater to energetic males in particular. Two enormous slides, a building room with a Duplo track, a digging area, and a vehicle build

Evansville Museum

The Evansville Museum is a great site to start your visit to Evansville. Despite the fact that the museum covers art, history, and science, I was drawn to the history part! I appreciated learning about Evansville’s contribution to WWII’s war effort as well as the city’s relationship with the Ohio River (especially through devastating floods).

The museum’s main level is designed to resemble a historic city, and it’s a stunning display. The Evansville Museum is free on the first Friday of each month and every Thursday from 5p-8p if you’re on a budget. What’s terrific about going on a Thursday evening? From the outdoor art show, you might just catch a sunset.

Mesker Park Botanic Garden & Zoo

Mesker Park Zoo, which opened 90 years ago in 1928, is Indiana’s oldest zoo. On 45 acres, the zoo holds over 700 animals. We spent the afternoon strolling through the zoo. The variety of creatures, which included giraffes, langurs, and porcupines, astounded me. The otter tunnel in the Enchanted Forest was our children’s favourite part. The otters appear to enjoy putting on a show!

It’s an affordable alternative for a family of five because admission is around $50 and parking is free! Keep in mind that the zoo is fairly mountainous! If you plan on carrying kids in strollers, wear supportive shoes – this is also a free workout. Here you will find information about the best time to visit Hawaii.

Evansville Playgrounds

Evansville is loaded with wonderful playgrounds! There seemed to be a playground in almost every neighborhood we visited. The Kids Kingdom, located at 20 Shawnee Dr in Evansville, was a big hit with our kids. Do you have plans for a rainy day? The children’s department at Evansville’s Central Library will delight your children; the play area is ideal for keeping busy toddlers occupied while mom and dad relax.

Evansville, Indiana Restaurants

Walton’s Comfort Food – The unique quality in this Haynie’s Corner eatery was one of our favourites. A spacious bar and indoor and outdoor seating are available. From fried green tomatoes to chicken pho to pulled pork sandwiches, the menu is filled with your favourite international comfort dishes. Kids can even order a pizza with Nutella and jam!

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Smitty’s Italian Steakhouse – What brought us to Smitty’s was the vast dining area, either in the historic building or on the lovely patio! Also popular were the handmade lasagna and chicken parmesan. There are lunches for children. Smitty’s Italian is located on West Franklin Street, a busy shopping and dining corridor. Drive along this street if you’re looking for a spot to eat!

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