Everything you must know about EMI and ways to prevent it

Electromagnetic interference is a common phenomenon that only occurs when a device is involved in an electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic interference has the power to disrupt the functioning of the machines. The electromagnetic interference may sometimes lead to the complete breakdown of the device or partial loss of data. Almost every device in our environment emits radiation. No matter if it is a television or a cell phone lying in your house, they are built around an electromagnetic field, and they emit EMI. There is no specific reason for EMI, but both man-made and external factors can cause electromagnetic interference. The electromagnetic interference not only damages the devices but has certain dangers involved.

Electromagnetic interference will lead to the malfunctioning of electronic devices. This type of interference is usually found in not adequately shielded machines. Protecting the devices from EMI is the work of the engineers, and this must be focused on while they are presenting the design of the devices. EMI can never occur independently but needs a transmission path and a receiver.

The fundamental reason for the occurrence of electromagnetic interference is the unwanted voltages and currents, and there are many different sources that can affect the electrical system’s performance. One of the best ways to reduce the EMI is to identify the start of the EMI. Once you are able to detect if the EMI is occurring naturally or if there is some artificial interference, you will be able to take measures to reduce it. You also have to identify the range of frequencies on which the EMI is being experienced. Once you have identified the bandwidth of the EMI, you have to analyse the duration of EMI. This will help you determine if the interference is occurring for a short or an extended period. After you have studied all the factors that lead to Electromagnetic interference, you will be able to find the element that dominates it and address the problem more quickly.

Ways to prevent electromagnetic interference

There are a large number of different solutions that will assist us in managing the EMI and improve every sector that is being affected by the EMI. Managing electromagnetic interference is crucial because small mistakes in this process can be very harmful and cause dangerous outcomes in every sphere. These are possible ways in which you can reduce emissions. Let’s discuss a few methods that can help us in preventing electromagnetic interference.

EMI shielding: Each and every industry is affected by electromagnetic interference. If we take a look around, we will be able to analyse that the medical field, manufacturing units and defence industry are affected by the EMI. It may show some malfunctioning in the devices and show readings. This can be a considerable cause of concern for these industries, and thus, shielding comes into action. EMI shielding will protect the signals and stop the disruption of data. The devices will not create contact with the surrounding components if they are being shielded. EMI shielding is done by containing the radiation and encasing the circuit inside a sealed metallic box. It is vital that we use suitable materials for shielding so that the radiation doesn’t penetrate the materials.

Grounding: Grounding is a widespread technique that will reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference. A piece of electrical equipment is used to connect to the ground. It is a kind of electrical connection that is being made with the earth. While grounding, the internal circuits should be kept away from the leads. There must be multiple grounding points while this technique is being used.


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