Finding The Right Mentor

Mentoring can be life changing and has shown to be one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities that fosters personal and professional growth in a variety of contexts. 

As a seasoned professional, mentors guides individuals by imparting knowledge, expertise and wisdom that helps them achieve long-term and short-term goals. They will work with you to determine your needs and the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The right mentoring relationship can be a powerful tool, and offers a variety of benefits for both work and home life. While many people can agree to the benefits of having a professional mentor, few people know how to find a mentor for their needs and goals while making sure that it is a productive meaningful relationship.

Things To Keep In Mind While Looking For A Mentor

A professional mentor is not only a guide, but they also push and encourage you to take on new challenges and opportunities outside of your comfort zone, and will help you through challenging situations and new transitions. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a mentor:

Know Your Goals

The first step to finding a good mentor, is understanding your goals and what you want to accomplish. The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it will be to find the right mentor. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish in the short and long term and what it will take to get there, be it a career change or big move.

Additionally reflecting on what you hope to learn from your mentorship is important too, and without a goal in mind, this can make your relationship unproductive.

Look For Different Perspective

While many Mentors are people who have experienced the same obstacles and milestones as you, it is important to find someone who offers a fresh and different perspective. This gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and gain knowledge you otherwise wouldn’t acquire.

With a mentor who offers a different perspective, you are forced to adjust and look at your goals, obstacles and opportunities in a new way.

Be Specific

It is crucial to be specific when looking for a mentor. Having a potential mentor understand what you want to work towards and what you need support in, will help them determine if your relationship is the right fit.

Mentor Vs Sponsor

Lastly, it is crucial to understand the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. Where a mentor is someone who has experience and knowledge to offer guidance and support, a sponsor is a senior level employee who can provide aid in professional settings, such as promotions and new positions.

Mentors are there to encourage and offer insight on how individuals can achieve their goals.

Find a Mentor With Ruffle

Finding a mentor who can help guide you towards life’s goals can be daunting. With Ruffle Mentoring you can find trusted one-on-one mentors who have the needed professional and life experience to help you achieve your full potential.

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