Five tips for a successful sales call

You have pre-qualified the lead and done your research. It looks like it will be a good deal. Now you’re ready to seal the deal by doing a successful sales call. 

A good sales call contains a well-prepared presentation and puts emphasis on solving their pain points. But does a successful sales call only include picking up the phone and talking with the prospect? No, it has more than that. 

Before selling a product, you need to build trust with your prospect, educate them about your product and let them know how it will benefit them.

Let’s take a look at five expert tips on how a sales call becomes successful.

Record your sales call and review it after the call

Recording and reviewing your sales call should be done by everyone. Even expert sales reps record and review their sales calls from time to time. 

It’s an essential tip as many of the sales reps don’t get proper training and materials to improve themselves. But through this tip, you can work on polishing your skills. 

To do so, make sure that every sales call is recorded on any video conferencing platform. When they are done, review them. While checking, try to objections that you may have missed or points that you could have added. You can use any sales tool to help you with analyzing commonly used keywords and your talk/listen to ratio. You can also share your analysis with your senior manager to get better feedback on your sales call.

Be friendly with your greeting but don’t overdo it

It’s nice to start a sales call with a warm greeting – it helps in breaking the ice. However, it’s important to note that you don’t overdo it. Being overly friendly feels clingy and pushy, which prospects might not like. Hence, try to keep your greetings short and to the point and move on to the topic.

Prepare the call expectations and schedule before the call

When you have fixed the date and time for the meeting, it’s time to set out the agenda for the meeting. It can happen that sales calls may not go exactly according to the schedule, but at least they will not go off the tracks.

While setting the calling plan, make sure to keep it straightforward, and it should meet the expectations set at the end of the discovery call.

Some of the things to include in the sales call plan are:

  • Greeting the prospect and reviewing the situation
  • Build an outline for the meeting
  • Discuss pain points with the prospects
  • Mention product function and features
  • Explain product solution
  • Give a demo of the product
  • Solve prospect’s queries
  • Set the next date to sign the contract

Focus on the product’s value rather than its features

While discussing your product, the sales call emphasized how your product solves the customer’s issues rather than focusing on its features. Show measurable and specific results to the leads. And let them know how your product can make their life easier.

Always try to connect the solution with your product. While doing the sales call, you need to showcase the pain points and how the product can help them solve those problems. You can take the help of the storytelling feature to show them that your product can convert those problems into benefits.

Sprinkle a healthy balance of stats and storytelling into your call

It’s common to reply with stats whenever the prospects ask about the value of your product. Stats are good to show. But just showing stats can feel empty to the prospects. To convince them, you need to use stories to make them attractive. 

Research has shown that our brain reacts slowly to numbers as compared to stories. Human brains are wired in such a way that it registers and responds to words quickly. They easily get attracted, and it becomes effortless to gather all their attention towards you. The end result – they get attracted and persuaded in no time.

However, people also value data and numbers. So, you need to maintain an equal balance between both data and stories. The best way to do so is to mirror your prospect. This will give you better results, and you can close the deals quickly.

We hope that these five sales call tips give you a better idea of how to make your sales call successful. The future of sales communication is to make all the use of sales SaaS so that you can meet your goals.

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