Folding Cardboard Boxes – Now The Popular Choice

Cardboard has been in use for more than hundreds of years. These are the popular source of packaging because of their adaptability, strength and economical nature. The other big advantage of using this type of packaging is its environment-friendly nature. The cardboard is made from the biodegradable material and has no role in causing pollution as we see in the plastic packaging. Cardboard packaging comes mainly in three forms that are rigid, corrugated and folded. Although first two are also used widely for packing of the goods the third one is used more abruptly. They are becoming a popular choice because of the benefits we get from them.

Benefits of Using Folded Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are very easy to use because of their flexible nature. No piercing or cracks occur on the folding of the box. They are durable and best solution for the shipment as well as storage of the goods. Some of the reasons that make these custom cardboard boxes user-friendly are

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Easy to Assemble

We have seen that almost every product come in packing and more than 90% comes in cardboard packaging. This is because they are not only economical and lightweight but they are easy to assemble. The manufacturer processes the cardboard sheet and then folding areas are marked according to the style of the box. The client receives the straight sheet and they assemble it when they need to pack the product. You can even print the layout of the specific style on thin cardboard sheets to assemble it at home. Make a design of your choice and print layout to make a printed cardboard box yourself.

Once the client receives the packaging stuff, he can easily fold to give the shape of the box. He can fold the packaging stuff according to his requirement and store rest of stacks for future use. For the easy folding purpose, each packaging sheet comes with marks so that you can easily fold it. Some manufacturers also provide tutorial paper in which method of folding is present that the person can easily fold the box to give it the original shape.

Easy to Ship

The packaging companies never ship the cardboard boxes in the finished form. This is because of high volume and more space acquiring nature. For that reason, they ship the packaging material in straight sheets form with the layout marked on them. In this way, they can ship thousands of the cardboard packaging stuff at one time.

The manufacturer feels easy in supplying wholesale cardboard Boxes in the form of a plain sheet for easy shipment. This takes less space in the shipment source and easy to handle. They stack the sheets and ship in bundle form.

Because of their easy shipment procedure, the company can do import and export of these cardboard boxes without any hassle. For example, cardboard boxes Australia packaging companies are doing business worldwide, they export high-quality boxes all over the world. The clients contact the cardboard boxes Sydney factories online, place their order by choosing the style they need and get their consignment within a month.

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Easy to Store

As described above the custom cardboard boxes in plain sheets form so it is easy to store. The client orders the bulk amount of packaging stuff in order to save money. Furthermore, he can easily assemble when he requires to pack the goods on an urgent basis. The storage for the new packaging product is not only easy, but you can also store the used packing in the stacks form. There is no need to open the glued portion but fold it so that it consumes less space in the store. When you need to open the box, place the product and packing is ready to store the items or for shipment purpose.

Easy Printing

One of the excellent features of these cardboard boxes is that it can be easily printed with any type of printing techniques. The companies prefer to keep printed folded boxes in stock and wherever they need they pack the product for sale or promotion purpose.

Availability of Different Styles

Customize Cardboard Boxes come in a variety of styles. The manufacturers give the layout according to the demand of the client. Some of the common styles that you see in the market are

One Piece Folder

It is the single unit cardboard sheet which is folded to give one-piece folder box style. The bottom is flat unbroken surface while three side flaps are present that fold over to cover the product. The extended flaps make the sides of the box , while the other set of flaps fold to form the top of the box.

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Five-Panel Folder Box

The common style of the, printed Cardboard Boxes present is the five-panel folder. It is also known as a harness style box. The fifth-panel present makes the top of the box. The three sides of this box are mainly corrugated to provide the safety of the product.

Wrap Around Box Style

It resembles the single slotted boxes. It is simple to fold. The automated machinery wraps the product. It just has one glued area to give it a firm shape.

Roll End Tray

It is also known as self-locking packing. It is made of corrugated cardboard to give it stiffness and it remains unbroken from the base. The ends fold over to give it the shape of the box.

Integral divider box

It is the self-dividing box having the built-in divider in the center of the box. Usually used for placing the glass products or decorations so that they do not break or bump with each other

Folding cardboard boxes are widely used because of their best adaptability, strength and eco-friendly nature. The industrialists are trying to completely eradicate the use of the non-biodegradable packaging stuff that is plastic with these biodegradable packaging products. For that purpose, plastic package is banned in many countries and the cardboard boxes and bags have taken their place.

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