Gain visibility on Instagram! The TOP 10 tips

Tip 1. Follow the interaction with your user

Before and after the publication, give them love! So, before you make a new post, engage with your followers and then launch it. Showing attention usually pays off. Take advantage of the moment and boost your publications easily and simply. The algorithm will take into account your content and you will gain visibility on Instagram.

Tip 2. Where are you? Don’t forget the location

Always include it in your posts, even if you don’t move! This simple action can reach people who are within your area, thus generating a more personalized engagement.

Tip 3. Let them see your face!

Users like to see who is behind a brand. So, humanizing it is a very easy bonus to win, take a photo and share it!Statistics indicate that this type of content usually generates up to 30% more interaction.

Tip 4. Details, details and more details… Turn off the curious inside

What Instagram is an image, we all already know, but for this reason, we work on creating valuable content that allows us to retain the user as long as possible in our publication. Therefore, capture it visually, share a good story, arouse interest with an interesting description and make your user fall in love! Make him not want to leave.

This action generates greater empathy and you will surely gain interaction, which, as you already know, adds to the visibility of your brand on Instagram.

Tip 5. Stories and feed, mark the relationship!

Take advantage of your stories to announce the publication that you are going to launch in the feed and add value to them, introducing some exclusive content that can only be consumed in the story.

Tip 6. Become a Hashtag Strategist

Hashtags on Instagram are indeed essential to gaining brand positioning. Above all, to reach the fans, let’s say more “understood” in your theme, but you have to know how to use them. Bet on balancing the balance with some general and others more specific, depending on the content you are going to publish.

Tip 7. Let them share you!

Don’t put a brake on your users, if they want to share any of the content you publish, let them! These types of actions are valued by the Instagram algorithm, so they will boost your reputation on the social network.

What don’t you know how? Go to the profile settings, enter the story control and activate the “allow sharing”. Ready! Now think of content that is attractive enough for your target to want to share it.

Tip 8. Show what other users are doing!

Take advantage of the stories that your community shares if it is a really interesting material for your brand. This type of content is ideal to feed your posts, so share your story, it works great!

Another benefit of this action is that in addition to gaining extra quality content, you establish a relationship with the author of the publication, who, if he is interested in the same topic as working on your brand, also shares some of your publications.

Tip 9. Create a brand, and then… Advertising!

Forget constantly sharing images that only promote your product or service. It can be boring for the user. Boost your visibility on Instagram through original content, such as the application of the product or the experience of the service.

Tip 10. Interact daily

On Instagram, as on any other social network, interaction is the queen of the game. Take note, because every day you will have to respond to the comments that your users have left, in addition, you will have to comment on their publications and react to them, write to their stories or send them a direct message congratulating them on their profile.

Apply each of these tips to your profile and you will see how your brand reputation grows exponentially. By analysing the Actionable data in web analytics, we can help you design the strategy that leads you to gain visibility on Instagram and positions you on the screen of your target, ready to make yourself visible?


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