Get to know more about cloud computing applications in Thailand

In Southeast Asia, cloud computing is gaining popularity due to the technological advancements and the massive benefits that businesses get when they move to the cloud. In Thailand, a large number of businesses are using applications of cloud computing nowadays for the smooth and better functioning of their business. These applications are different from other digital media applications and they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and in any part of the world. Cloud server Thailand has great uses of cloud computing in various fields such as education, management, entertainment, social networking as well as data storage. You don’t need to have a PC or laptop to access many cloud computing applications. Some of these cloud computing applications are:

File storage platform

Rapidshare, Hotfile are some of the various online file storage platforms that are cloud-based applications that help host files such as images, documents, and videos. There are free as well as premium cloud computing software that has a simple interface for users to upload, view, use, and share documents from these sites.

Data storage applications

It is one of the options for applications of the cloud that allows you to store information such as files, data, images on the cloud. These applications of cloud computing ensure that data is backed up securely. The data can be converted and restored into various file formats like word, excel, and PDF. 

Entertainment applications

To interact with a targeted audience, there are entertainment applications that use a multi-cloud strategy. These applications provide entertainment and online gaming services enhancing many online games an instant and smooth connecting experience. 

Image editing applications

The applications of cloud computing provide free editing of pictures as they have various features like image editing, special effects, resizing, cropping, and Graphic User Interface (GUI). These applications provide high-level complex features, brightness, and contrast features that are easy to use.

GPS applications

Another advancement of cloud computing and its applications is the GPS feature. Users are facilitated with this feature to guide them with directions from the map along with finding locations on the internet. Applications that provide these cloud services include sites such as yahoo maps and google maps. These are free-to-use applications and are used by millions of people across the globe.

e-Commerce application

The e-commerce business users are guaranteed easy access and smooth functioning of the business due to the application areas of cloud computing on the e-commerce software. It helps keep track of the order received to the order delivered along with tracking costs, damage rate for the business, and refund rate. Less time and effort is involved with perfect solutions that is why most larger businesses in Thailand prefer this software. There is no hard cost involved in managing this application and this is the main advantage of these cloud computing application projects. 

Social media applications

Many businesses use social media platforms to reach their audience. Every minute multiple social media applications allow large numbers of users to connect. To connect users on a real-time basis, applications such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter are used. They allow sharing of stories, videos, experiences, and images.

Antivirus applications

These applications provide the smooth functioning of the system enabling users to clean the system, detect and fix threats of viruses and malware. It is considered the best antivirus for your personal computer and it’s free of charge. This application’s major function is to detect malware by sending the information to the data center of the cloud and fixing the same.

Presentation applications

For presentation services, certain software is available and it allows importing PowerPoint Presentations by creating slides. These applications can be accessed anywhere within the globe and they provide a premium-free version of the application.

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