Getting online with your cab business with the Taxi Booking App Clone

If you live in the current day and age, it is impossible to think of a life without your smartphones and the trusty apps that they hold. The taxi business especially has thrived in the last few years with the help of a taxi booking application that allows users to book taxis instantly using their handheld devices. If you want to make sure that your business thrives, then it is about time for you to jump on the Taxi App Clone train.

But before we try to understand the nuances that are involved in an app based taxi business, let us understand what the taxi app clone is.

What is a taxi app clone?

Essentially, the market has many on demand taxi applications; however, a few of them have been phenomenally successful. These would be Uber, Lyft and some others that have been present in the market.

To start your own taxi business based on an app you can either build your own app from scratch or buy a readymade on demand app clone. The purpose of building a clone is to make sure that the users are not forced to learn something new in order to use your app but has a flow that they are already comfortable with.

To clone an app, developers use the existing app’s model, flow and code structure to understand the perfect flow and the inclusion of the top features that make the app workable and usable. However, they do not replicate the same code in any way. The main aim is to retain the flow of the uber clone app and to maintain the best features of the application, while ensuring that new and advanced features can be integrated within it as well.

Ideally, to develop the perfect marketable clone app, the development team would take anywhere between a year to two years. There is an entire process of coding and designing involved to make sure that the final product is useful for the customers and the drivers alike.

How to find the right Taxi App Clone?

Since these apps are so popular, you will find that hundreds of thousands of developers and development companies have built their own on demand taxi apps. In order to find the right clone app that is most suited for you business look for the following details:

The app is built by a white label company

White labeling is the process using which the development team removes their own logo and brand name from the app and puts in your logo, brand name and company colors across the app. It is a process that ensures that the app is launched under your server credentials and is put across on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store under your App store ID.

The app has GPS Tracking feature

This is one of the most basic features that is an absolutely not negotiable asset in the application. The GPS tracking feature ensures that people can track the location of the cab, the drivers of the taxi can find out the exact address for pick up and drop and the admin of the app (in this case the app owner or you) can keep an eye out for the activities that are happening using your app.

Local Currency

These apps are usable all over the world. You have to be absolutely sure that the app that you purchase for your own demand taxi booking business allows your users to access their services in the local currency. They don’t have to convert the amount each time they use the app from dollars to the currency that is valid in their country.

Local Language

It is unfair to expect all users of the app and the drivers to be fluent in English. To avoid any misunderstanding and to ensure optimum usage and performance, make sure that the app you invest in has all the local languages that are spoken in the region that you launch the app in. This will make sure that people can use the app without any hassles.

Licensed Source Code of the Application

The source code of an application is basically the node or nucleus using which any and all kinds of enhancements and modifications can be made within the app. Many companies do not offer to provide the source code of the app with its purchase. Beware of those companies because you will always be dependent on them for any kind of update or change that you might want to make in your app. Ideally, any reputed and reliable on demand mobile app development company with expertise in Taxi Clone apps should provide you with the licensed source code of the application for free.

Free Demo of the App

Since these apps are in a ready state, you must be able to take a free demo of the app before you invest in it. This will ensure that you are completely aware of exactly what you are introducing in the market. This will also give you the benefit of understanding the exact flow of the app and the true way in which the app operates. Also, make sure that the demo duration is unlimited so that you can test it for as long as you like without having to worry about exhausting your free timeline.

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