Great Benefits of Installing Energy Efficient Windows

Smart homeowners understand that even small changes can have a significant impact on their monthly expenses. From taking advantage of discount offers for grocery shopping to saving money on fuel, you make a lot of changes to save money. One such smart move is replacing old windows that could be responsible for your high monthly utility bills. If you haven’t replaced windows in a decade, most likely your house has normal windows with a single glass pane. These windows cause conditioned air loss which in turn increases your energy cost because HVAC needs to work harder to maintain an optimal temperature inside the house. So, if you think your air conditioner or furnace is not as efficient as it is supposed to be, take a look at your windows. Inefficient or damaged windows put pressure on the heating and cooling system. And when AC or furnace works non-stop, it increases your energy bills.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Old homes have windows that either lack tight seals or have frames made of highly conductive materials. During the winter season, heat loss through windows increases the heating bill while in summer the reverse heat flow inside the house and sunlight makes the air conditioner less effective. To prevent both these conditions, installing energy-efficient windows can be a smart choice.  Energy-efficient windows are designed with multiple glass panes to minimize heat transfer. For better insulation, the spaces between the panes are filled with nontoxic gases such as krypton or argon. Moreover, a low-emissivity coat is applied on the glass surface to reflect UV rays. So, if you’re still on the fence about investing in energy-efficient windows, the following benefits of these advanced windows will clear your doubt.

  1. Comfortable Home

Energy-saving windows can make your home more comfortable by maintaining proper indoor temperature. As mentioned above, energy-efficient windows prevent heat transfer which means it keeps conditioned air inside and hot/cold air outside. The double or triple pane windows provide better insulation while a tight seal prevents air leakage. It means that energy-efficient windows are capable of retaining cool air from the AC and warm air from the furnace indoors to help you achieve comfort inside the home.

  1. Protection from UV Rays

Regular windows don’t have a low-E coating and their single pane fails to prevent the entry of harmful UV rays. The UV rays not only create a problem for light-sensitive individuals but can also damage your furniture, wood, and other items. The advanced energy-efficient windows have a special coating to block or reduce UV rays and prevent fading your home’s furniture, paint, upholstery, and wood.

  1. Good Return On Investment (ROI)

Replacing old windows can provide both short-term and long-term benefits. New windows provide a good return on investment (ROI), if you ever decide to sell the home. New windows can increase the worth of your property and attract more buyers because of the improved exterior appearance and better indoor functionality of new windows. The energy-efficient replacement windows not only perform better but also improve the style of your home’s exterior. Better appearance, noise reduction, and energy savings are some benefits that home buyers consider when buying a house. Even if you continue to live in your present home for many years, the initial installation cost will be offset by the savings in energy bills and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

  1. Less Maintenance

Energy-efficient windows not only lower your energy bills but also provide other benefits. For instance, regular windows often face condensation problems that could lead to mold issues. But energy-efficient windows can prevent condensation and keep your property safe. Less condensation means no mildew problem and less maintenance requirement. Besides low maintenance, you can also seek tax incentives and energy discounts for installing these windows.

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