Grow Your Business In 2022 By Adding A Virtual Membership Option In 3 Easy Steps

If lockdown has left you overwhelmed by the amount of requests for online training and virtual classes despite gyms now being back open fully then you’re probably trying to work out the best way to incorporate a virtual membership package into your business model, which also adds value and can monetize online workouts and PT sessions. It’s an easy way to grow members, add value and create a new revenue stream.

Step 1: Here are three considerations when putting together your virtual membership package:

  • What makes you stand out from the competition – What is it that sets you apart from other gyms and organisations? Specific classes? A different style of set up? PTs? All of these things make you unique and are reasons your clients come to YOU! Identify your USP
  • Features list – Including tailored plans for members, nutritional advice, video conferencing with PTs and nutritionists
  • Bundles – An online package with details of who you are and a chance for you to exhibit your work, the kind of results your members can achieve, your facility and a breakdown of packages including prices

Step 2: Virtual workouts will cost the organisation a great deal less to run and set up than physical classes, therefore this should be reflected in the price. 

Offering a virtual membership add-on for existing members could be offered at no extra cost to and used as more of a reward to help build loyalty and maintain relationships, especially during uncertain times where flexible working is the norm, and who knows if we are heading for another lockdown.

There are other things to consider when pricing a virtual workout including;

  • The price of current, traditional memberships
  • The going rate for memberships at other gyms and leisure centres
  • The fact that virtual memberships do not require a physical venue and capacity is not an issue
  • Equipment and maintenance fees as well as any overheads and costs also need to be taken into consideration – especially if it’s a live workout or pre-recorded in your venue
  • The reputation of your brand, staff and PTs
  • Salary of PTs and instructors 
  • What classes you will be running virtually
  • If you will be adding this to a monthly membership or introducing it as a purley virtual membership and what/if a sign-up fee will be applied.

Step 3: Ensure your virtual offering is supported on robust  leisure management software

The below are features we recommend you look for when selecting a vendor:

  • The right software should streamline your operations on a single solution. Take bookings and payments without any compromise on security or loss of any vital client information.
  • Give members the ability to book themselves onto classes online via their smartphones at their own time and location, saving them and your staff time
  • Stay in close contact with members via email or SMS to bolster relationships and deliver quality service
  • Whitelabled Native Apps can add a seamless and hassle-free way to send members push notifications and personalized messages and even live stream workouts via Apple iOS and Android devices, keeping them included and up to date with everything your facility is doing – although this is about virtual classes, a good app offering can also drive visits and behaviour in your physical location

Virtual workouts and live streaming are here to stay. Making them available to your members means fitness goals get completed in the comfort of member’s own home and at their own convenience.

Having a gym or leisure centre in a local community is vital to give locals somewhere to maintain a healthy lifestyle, supply jobs and provide a place for people to make long lasting friendships. By giving members of the local and wider community something new and exciting to try will be sure to create a buzz around your facility! 

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