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The government of India has launched a new mobile application for soldiers titled Hamraaz. The app allows soldiers to view and download their payslips. In order to do so, users must provide their PAN card number, month, and date of birth, as well as a password. This way, they can check their pay without having to visit the government website. The app has received a great response from soldiers and civilians alike.

The Hamraaz app is an android-based mobile application designed to serve Indian army soldiers.  It does not allow civilians to use it. The app is free to download and allows soldiers to access pay-related information. It also allows users to download their monthly payslip. For the most part, it facilitates communication between officers. The app has the potential to make serving soldiers’ lives easier, but the app’s features can be limited for the average citizen.

The Hamraaz app is an online tool that gives you information about the salary of your employees. To use the app, you must first visit the official website and login using your username and password. If you are not already registered, you can do so by logging in with your account details. The salary information can also be accessed by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions section. To learn more about the application, read on!

Mods of hamraaz app

If you want to download Mods in Hamraaz on your phone, you can do so from a number of sources.

Hamraaz app download is a very simple process. However, you must be aware that most of the sites offering mod applications don’t work properly. We have a list of modified applications available for KitKat 4.0 and other recent versions of Android. Downloading them from our site will enable you to use them without any problem. We have also added instructions on how to install them on your phone.

You can also download Hamraaz through the use of an APK file. APK files are extremely popular for many reasons. Most of these files are leaked versions of apps, giving users official access to the app before it is officially released on the Play Store. APK files can also be easily installed on Android. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits that a modified version of a mobile application has to offer without having to spend a lot of money.

How to open payslip in hamraaz app?

If you are an employee of a government organization, you can now easily download your payslips from your smartphone. You can download your payslips directly from the app, and then you can read and print them on your phone. Furthermore, you can access your Hamraaz payslips via your mobile phone, as well as from your computer. If you use Windows Mobile, you can open them directly on your computer and print them out if you prefer.

How to Sign in in hamraaz army app?

To sign in to Hamraaz army app, you need your Aadhaar card number, one-time password, and mobile number linked to your Aadhaar card. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can recover it by navigating to the app’s official web portal. From there, click on “Sign In” to enter your Aadhaar number and Pan details. Once you’ve logged in, you can enter your One-Time Password and answer your security question.

Once you’ve signed in, the Hamraaz app will show you a download popup. Click it and wait a couple of seconds while the app downloads. If you’re getting an error, make sure to turn on “unknown sources” in your security settings. Next, install the app into your device. Once it’s installed, you can sign in to Hamraaz app. Without Hamraaz app login you can’t get access to the application.

Create a password

To create a password for Hamraaz, visit the official web portal and select the login option from the homepage. Then, enter your PAN card number and the security question you provided while registering. If the information you entered matches the one you provided during the signup process, you will be prompted to create a new password. Then, confirm the new password. This process can take a few minutes, so it is important to remember your PIN number.

Once you have created an account, you can begin using the app. The app will ask you to create a password, which will protect your payments and receipts. Passwords for Hamraaz are generated from some combination of the PAN card number, month and date of birth. You can change the password, if you prefer. Once you have entered the correct password, you can view your income growth history.

Hamraaz App Advantages

If you are looking for the best mobile payment service in India, you have come to the right place. The Hamraaz application has everything you need to make payments. There are many benefits of this application. It’s made specifically for soldiers. It was designed with the Indian army in mind and provides services such as payment information and other relevant information to servicemen. While Hamraaz is designed for soldiers, civilians can’t use it yet. Here’s what you need to know about the Hamraaz army app. Here are some of its best features:

  • The Hamraaz app is an Android application developed by the Indian government for its military personnel. It allows military personnel to access government information, such as pay stubs, in a convenient manner. It uses a PDF format, and it requires a password to access the service. The password is commonly your PAN card number and month and year of birth. This means that it is very easy to forget your password.
  • The Indian Army has launched an app called Hamraaz that helps serving soldiers manage their schedules any Android phone. This app is a great resource for soldiers, and we’ve listed some of its main features below. Hopefully, you’ll find it useful. If not, keep reading to learn more about the app and what it can do for you.and activities. Developed by army soldiers, this application is completely free and can be downloaded to
  • One of the benefits of the Hamraaz app is that it saves your payslips as PDF files. A PDF reader can open them, whether your smartphone comes with a built-in one or not. If your phone does not, you can download one from the play store. You can also set password protection on your payslips. In addition, the Hamraaz app also helps you to keep your payslips safe.


The Hamraaz app is a useful tool for soldiers in the Indian Army. It allows soldiers to check their pay, view their promotions, and access their salary slips. It also provides them with important news and updates. It can also be used for social activities, such as recruiting, and even securing the army’s financial resources. It helps soldiers keep track of their pay and salary information, and can help them stay up-to-date on the latest political events.

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