How can I make my YouTube video popular?

A lot of people want to make youtube videos popular and get famous quickly. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand the steps which are included in the process.

Fortunately, we have the solution for this problem.

If you also want to know how to make your youtube video popular, then keep reading. In this article, we have enlisted some of the steps. These steps will help you in achieving your target.

  1. Video tags must contain rich keywords

First tip in this list is to use good hashtags to make youtube videos popular. Search Engine Result Page(SERP) work on the techniques you have used in your SEO. The video tags work just like hashtags on Instagram or facebook.

These tags help in providing a particular category to your video and affect where the video appears. Use rich keywords as your tags to make your youtube video popular. It will help in Youtube reading what your video is about.

Also, the hashtags will allow your video to appear in SERP on a higher rank if the keywords are appropriate.

  1. Post the transcription of your video in description

Understand that the youtube algorithm is not so strong yet to use the audio of your video. Therefore, make sure that your valuable audio helps you to drive more traffic by transcribing it. 

Make your youtube video popular by letting those important keywords appear in your description. Use an app or prepare a script beforehand for speaking. This will help you to utilize both your description tab and your script.

To make a youtube video popular, it is important to work on the SEO factor. The higher your video appears in the search result, the more popular it will get.

  1. Make a reply to popular video

Have you ever seen a video going viral because it is related to another popular video? Well, this is just the step. If you are a creator or influencer, then this is the step for you to make your youtube video popular.

Look for a video which is already popular or has been uploaded by a popular creator. Make sure it is related with the kind of videos you make. Prepare a reply to that video and upload it, this will make your video popular.

These videos easily get famous bringing the spotlight to the channel as well. Therefore, a lot of youtubers use this technique to get their youtube videos popular.

  1. Create your titles by using keywords

Titles play an important role and thus, they are significant to make your youtube video popular. See them as the names, if you want to search a person, you must know their account name. 

Similarly, in order for your video to appear in the search results, use a name which will be searched for. To make a youtube video popular, use the keywords which are most likely to be used.

The title must reveal what your video is about and should be easy to find. Therefore, do a research and find the most appropriate keywords. Using the right keywords will make youtube videos popular.

  1. Link your video with websites

This step is important not just to make youtube video popular but to enhance your search ranking as well. Sharing your video on social media and other official websites will help you drive the traffic.

Also, the ranking will also be enhanced if the direct links are shared on many websites. Youtube will make your video popular buy youtube subscribers ranking because of its link being shared a lot.

This is one of the SEO techniques which proves to be fruitful. Not just this, but the outside links are beneficial for your video. The youtube algorithm allows your youtube video to become popular quickly.

  1. Use end screens to insert other videos

Make youtube videos popular by using the end screens of your uploaded content wisely. When it comes to boost a video, try and utilize all the tools provided by youtube carefully.

In order to make a youtube video popular, every small step counts. These end screens will work as CTAs and drive traffic to another video. Your viewers will stay longer on your channel and the video will ultimately become popular.

There are options to add your channel subscription icon and a video. Choose the video you want to make popular on youtube. Add it on your end screen and let it show the way to your audience.

So, these were the steps which will help you to make your youtube video popular. It will lead to an increase in the views and watch hour time too. Ultimately, it will lead to your channel and yourself getting famous.

Also, know whether youtube is an effective marketing tool or not. This will help you in understanding the benefits of youtube for business promotions.

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