How do I recognise if a lens will match my digicam?

A guide to the contemporary lens mount options

If you’re searching out particular lenses to suit your digital camera, you’ll need to recognize exactly what you’re looking at. Here’s a top-level overview of maximum of the not unusual mounts.

Canon lens mounts

EF mount
This became Canon’s dominant layout for many years while SLRs and DSLRs ruled. This will paintings on any Canon autofocus movie SLR, any Canon DSLR (regardless of sensor length), and Canon mirrorless cameras with help from an adapter.

EF-S mount

These lenses in shape the equal actual cameras because the EF mount, but they create a smaller photo circle, which means they’re best fully compatible with APS-C cameras like the 90D.

RF mount

This is Canon’s complete-body mirrorless mount. Lenses with this designation will suit any R-collection mirrorless camera and gained’t paintings with some thing else outdoor that line.

EF-M mount

It’s smooth to neglect about Canon’s line of APS-C sensor mirrorless cameras. They use this mount, but the listing of native lenses is notably confined. There are less than a dozen. There is a complete-featured adapter, however, that permits for use of EF lenses on the EF-M cameras.

Nikon lens kinds

F mount
Nikon first developed the F mount in the past due 1950s and nonetheless uses the identical fundamental attachment system even since. That’s still actual for its DSLRs, which use the F mount. Nikon’s lens compatibility

Generally, however, you could get many old lenses to work on modern-day Nikon camera our bodies, frequently with out an adapter.

Z mount

Nikon’s complete-body mirrorless cameras use the Z-mount, that’s similar to Canon’s RF mount. Native Z lenses received’t paintings on DSLRs for the equal design motives defined above with the Canon equipment.

Sony lens kinds

A mount

Sony most effective simply these days discontinued its A-mount DSLRs, this means that there’ll probably be no greater bodies that guide this mount natively. This mount turned into around from before the mirrorless cameras debuted made by means of Sony.

FE mount

This is Sony’s full-body mirrorless lens mount. Buying a lens with an FE designation approach it’s going to work with complete-frame cameras just like the mighty A1 or the greater simple A7.

If you’ve got a camera with an FE mount, it’s simple to adapt older A-mount glass and nonetheless keep full functions, including autofocus.

E mount
Sony started its mirrorless journey with APS-C cameras and that’s what this mount is for. You’ll once in a while see E and FE used interchangeably while talking approximately lens mounts, so ensure you’re getting full-frame insurance when you have a complete-frame frame.

Fujifilm lens kinds
GFX mount

Fujifilm’s GFX cameras really hire sensors which can be larger than the typical full-body chips we’ve talked about thus far. People usually seek advice from this sensor size as “medium layout.”

X mount

Skipping instantly over full-body, Fujifilm’s bread-and-butter mount best covers APS-C sensors like those found in its X-Pro3 or X-T4. Despite the smaller sensor size, the X lenses are extraordinarily well-made and create some really amazing pics.

If you’re willing to dig into the sector of adapters, X-mount cameras are also specially right at supporting antique lenses meant for film cameras.

Pentax lens kinds
FA mount

Like Nikon, Pentax has stayed incredibly constant with its DSLR camera lens mount for decades. The FA mount lenses will in shape complete-frame DSLRs like the K-1 Mark II. There aren’t a ton of full-frame-unique DSLR lenses within the Pentax lineup due to the fact the organisation concentrated heavily on APS-C fashions for years before diving into full-frame.

DA mount

Pentax’s APS-C lineup is decidedly extra robust because it sincerely had greater time to develop. You can, of route, nonetheless use FA lenses on DA our bodies, simply assume to get a zoomed-in look.

Micro Four-Thirds lenses

While maximum corporations opt for their own proprietary match, Panasonic, Olympus, and different corporations like Black Magic have embraced the standardized Micro Four-Thirds format.

Remember that lenses are an investment

While it can take a little studies to fully understand how lens mounts paintings, it’s well worth shopping for the satisfactory glass you can. Lenses normally outlast digital camera bodies with the aid of a longshot,

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