How do I track Internet data usage on my Windows 7 PC?

Is your data being drained before you even expect it to and you are not even doing something extra on the internet? This happens once and you are like “no problem” it will not happen again with this usage but it does. This would frustrate you and make you want a solution to this problem. No worries, we have rounded up the fastest solutions for you that you can implement from the comfort of your home.

To inform you though, many things can drain your internet bandwidth both the speed and the usage. Most of the time, it is the people. For example, you have another guest that added up on the internet usage, which strains it, or it could also be another device connected and used more frequently. However, beware this could also be from outside interference which can be due to malware or an unknown network.

It is always better to have a reliable internet connection that brings the best connection that is easy to monitor and set such as Mediacom. There are many more reliable service providers in the USA but the issue of tracking and monitoring persists in many areas, especially with all the hackers and the software for hacking around.

However, here are the 7 steps for you to follow each of which will not take more than 7 minutes and you will know what problem occurring and causing the internet drainage.

Check with your internet service provider (ISP) cable

Many service providers of mobile data services and homes have a logging system on a portal. You can also calculate your data usage stats per month for the usage at your home, from your comfort zone. Several providers like Mediacom, AT&T, Verizon, and Cox that provide online portals or apps that you can use to check the usage. It also helps keep track of usage. In addition, others provide satellite internet like Viasat with their portals for usage that you can use to keep a check on the usage.

The downside, you cannot check the specific apps draining the usage. Mostly the usage is due to large games and apps downloaded on phones or streaming. You can also place a notification for data going over the intended limit on your phone or laptop.

Check your usage on the phone and laptops/desktops

These days you can check the usage on the phone with the in-built software while you can also use the desktop applications. Install an application that works for example the app GlassWire and you can go to the “usage’ where you can easily monitor the usage of all the applications separately.

Set data usage alerts for your internet usage

You can switch on your push notifications and understand when an app is using more data and when it is not. Your system could be hacked to so should monitor usage yourself and understand that no one else is using your internet for the wrong things. You can limit your ISP and phone provider’s data, easily at home.

Understand immediately when your apps start using your data

Some applications can use your data once downloaded which you should limit within the setting of your phone and the PC or laptop, which can be done easily in data usage, and switching off what you do not need. Backend running of the programs also limits your data, which you can switch off and on when needed.

You should block the apps that waste your data

You can also use the same data monitoring applications, which you have already installed and get this benefit out of the application. You can easily block an application if it keeps on wasting data both on the phone and on desktop.

Know the well-known apps that waste data

There are some well known for using massive quantities of data. Video streaming applications such as Netflix, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and some comprehensive social networking apps too like TikTok and others such as Facebook, for example, can consume a lot of bandwidth. Other applications are, Netflix, YouTube TV, etc.

You can check your router stats

Routers can provide detailed data on a device. Navigate to the data consumption area of your router’s app or login page and you can check the stats, if not then you can use an app to check all the devices or internet of things connected to that single router.

Wrapping Up

Overall, checking or keeping data usage in check is pretty hectic which is why it is always advised to have a sound trusting application on your phone or laptop to keep a constant check so you don’t pay bills which you didn’t want to.

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