How do I use different tattoo needle sizes?

There are a variety of needle sizes available for use in tattoos, and it can be tough to know which size is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of the different needle sizes and what they’re used for. We’ll also help you determine which size is best for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

There are several types of tattoo needles to select from when it comes to tattoo equipment! Each needle has a different approach for putting ink in the skin with various tattoo effects. In this post, we’ll go through what each size means and how each needle performs on your skin. This is a highly subjective topic that changes all the time. Different needles are employed by tattoo artists depending on their preferences and style. Stick and poke tattoos were formerly done using needle and thread. We no longer need to use needle and thread for stick and poke tattoos.

Our NEW PRACTICE KIT comes with a graphical lesson guide that explains some of this in detail. Here’s some more information:

Shaders meant for shading in wide regions are called Magnum Shaders. It’s possible that it’s a curved shader, which is kinder on the skin.

A flat shader is used for geometrical shading.

Needle size:

The number preceding the needle type indicates how many needle tips are joined together at the end.

There are three little tips that each have a small drop of ink. This is for a thin line.

A “5RL” is a five-pointed tip that creates a thicker line than the 3RL and so on…up to 20!

We sell a few kits that include the needles you’ll need – 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL (adds every so often), and 5MS.

The Kollaboration Needle Tip System includes two types of pins: pinless and needle-pin (NP, NPS). A supertight needle is one whose tips are extremely close at the point of insertion. These are for extremely tight, dark lines. These needles are generally more expensive.

Needle Taper:

The diameter of the needles tapers towards the tip. The most typical taper is 1.5mm. Taper rates like 2mm and 8mm are available to customers! A greater taper allows for a deeper shading with little skin damage.

Needle Thickness

The vast majority of tattoo needles are between 0.35mm and 3.5mm in diameter, with the most popular being #12, which is 0.35 mm or 12 gauge. A wider needle penetrate more easily into the skin, resulting in a quicker tattooing process. Thinner needles allow for greater precision.

If the needle package says “1203 RL,” it means that it is a #12 thickness and has a 3-round liner. Standard thickness is included in all of our kits.

What are single needle tattoos?

Tattoos with single needles, such as a 1RL, are known as single needle tattoos. Only one needle tip is used. Each poke only deposits a tiny spot of ink. This method requires a delicate, intricate tattoo. This generally takes longer than a large-scale tattoo using many needle tines. Some single-needle designs are breathtaking! You may practice these with our Practice Set

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