How Do Videos Help Grow Your Sales?

According to a recent study, advertisers who use videos achieve significantly faster revenue growth (49%) than those who do not. However, video has evolved into much more than a marketing tool. With their ability to graphically explain and exhibit concepts and ideas, videos can help companies exhibit their services and products, attract new clients, hire new employees, and make employees more productive. Given below are some examples of how Video Tech and Services for Corporate Sales might help grow your customer base.

Emotion is used in videos to increase engagement and effectiveness.

When most people think of sales videos, they see dull explainer animations detailing services or products in professional or process-driven terms. While these movies may include all of the information, they are an unappealing way to spend 5-10 minutes. Instead of creating a film with a lengthy list of RTBs or process stages, consider how to package the knowledge to generate emotion and motivate action.

According to one survey, just 10% of people keep their feelings hidden or do not share them. If you want people to talk about and engage with your organization, appeal to their emotions. Create a video that evokes joy, sorrow, anger/disgust, fear/surprise, and watch how people connect, engage with, buy, and support your brand, services, and products.

In minutes, sales films allow you to reduce complex messaging into clear takeaways.

Video is excellent for breaking down complex sales messaging into simple, relatable, compelling content. You may use an analogy to explain what the new approach does—perhaps equating it to a control station that distributes all necessary sections and parts without supervision.

Then, using that comparison, you might create an action video that tracks a command center as they tackle a supply chain/fulfillment issue from start to end.

Video material is simple to share.

While people’s attention spans aren’t necessarily diminishing, they are becoming choosier about the stuff they interact with. Make it simple for people to choose your stuff! Make it approachable and enjoyable. Create a video. Videos can also help your clients pitch your solution to relevant parties.

Clients may easily show individuals your video instead of relying on their recollection or papers from a sales call. It ensures that the message is displayed in the manner you planned, with only a small investment of effort and time on the part of your client. This simplifies your client’s life, makes your content more precise and passionate, and leads to a more focused sale and closing.

Sales videos bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds.

In marketing and advertising, virtual/augmented reality opens up new channels for communicating with customers. Experts are trying VR/AR to recreate real-life settings for teaching, provide richer, more intimate experiences for resort and property tours, and enable customers to engage with things like never before.

Seeing how a dining table and chair combination fits and feels in your living room, or engaging in a hands-on training program, enriches your experience far more than studying the table specs on a site or viewing an explanation training video. Early results reveal that experiential approaches (see it/do it) have far higher memory than traditional content. The paths pioneered by video and immersive content are only becoming visible. Bear this in mind while investigating the finest approaches to your sales material.

After everything’s said and done, one question remains: why choose Video Tech and Services for Corporate Sales?

  • For a wide range of themes, video is the most effective tool to tell a story and elicit emotion.
  • A video is an excellent tool for simplifying complex content so that your team can understand, recall, and accurately/consistently explain it to prospects and clients.
  • When necessary, video is simple to scale, disseminate, and update.
  • The video opens the door to newer technology and experience marketing, enabling you to experiment with augmented reality, virtual reality, and whatever else is on the horizon.

You may attract more prospects, expand your content offerings, demonstrate your company’s identity and competence, and, most importantly, keep individuals interested by incorporating video marketing into your inbound marketing and sales plan.

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