How has HR Software Impacted the way Human Resources Function?

It can’t be denied that the shift to digital technology has not been easy. The enhanced results have made the organizations consider opting for technologically advanced software. Human resource management team plays a pivotal role in any organization. As it is responsible to monitor the life cycle of each employee. Such software for HR management decreases the workload by automating the functions and leaves no room for error.

Let’s dig a little deeper and discuss the impact HR software has on Human resource functions:

Recruitment and onboarding

The new normal has changed the way human resource management recruits employees. HR software has provided an edge to the HRs to recruit new employees virtually. Coronavirus made the organizations switch to remote functioning. With such unannounced changes the recruitment process changed as well. Human resource management teams with the assistance of technological advancements such as software for HR management have initiated a virtual recruitment process. HR software has assisted in scheduling interviews, pre screening of the applications and notifying candidates of the interview process. Once the HR scales out the potential candidate, he/she is notified with an offer letter

The acceptance of the offer letter marks the beginning of the onboarding process. It includes background verification, introduction to the company policies, etc . The newly hired employee is provided with the credentials generated by the IT team to upload the documents to proceed. It acknowledges the employee’s understanding of the policies implemented by the organization.  

Payroll processing

Managing payroll processes on huge spreadsheets with data leaves a huge room for error. A minute error in payroll can result in hefty penalties and hampered reputation. Technologically advanced applications automate payroll processing by ingarining data generated by the HR software. Automated payroll processing decreases the risk of errors protecting the organization from heft penalties and hampered reputation. As missing tax deadlines and miscalculated amounts of the salary, tax checks can have adverse consequences.


Attendance plays a pivotal role in the functioning of an organization. As the attendance determines the workforce investing efforts on specific periods of time for the betterment of the organization. Web based software empowers the employee to update attendance and notify the payroll team of the number of days he/she will receive salary for. This approach minimizes the risk of overpayment or underpayment of the salary. A centralized platform with the record of data builds a trust between the employee and the employer. 

Performance evaluation and reward

For any organization it is essential that the hard work of the employee receives recognition. As this motivates them to continue raising the performance curve indirectly increasing the productivity of the organization. Performance evaluation is an annual procedure that highlights the efforts of each employee. It assists the admin team to take pivotal decisions such as appraisals and promotions.  

Statutory compliance

An organization has many benefits which are partially supervised under the law implemented by the state and federal government. For instance, ESIC, provident fund, gratuity etc. These benefits include complicated rules and eligibility criteria. As the ministry of labour keeps upgrading laws in order to improve employee experience. It is the human resource management’s duty to stay updated with the laws. Web based applications such as HR software has made this easier for the HRM as it notifies the concerned authorities about the changes implemented by the state and federal government. Tax laws are often amended creating unannounced chaos within the organization. Software for HR  ensures that changes in the tax laws are automatically implemented to minimize the risk. 

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Having a business is hard work. You have to manage employees, inventory, and customer service while trying to keep up with all of the other aspects of running a company. 

These advancements have made a positive impact for organizations. Automated processes provides ample opportunities for the human resource management team to plan further steps towards betterment of the organization.

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