How James Hakim is Revolutionizing NFT Marketplace?

Lately, NFT has become a buzzword in the crypto world. The news of digital artists selling virtual artwork is all over the internet.  With NFT sales touching millions of dollars, one project gathering the attention of crypto enthusiasts is Curate. If you have basic knowledge of Non- Fungible Tokens (NFTs), probably you know that specialized NFT marketplace platforms are developed for creating (minting), buying, and selling NFTs. Several NFT marketplaces exist online but one particular platform that is making headlines is Curate. This NFT marketplace is in the news for its innovative features. So, what exactly is Curate and who’s behind this project? Let’s find out!

Curate Founder- James Hakim

James Hakim is the Founder and CEO of Curate. Lately, he has been in the news for bringing blockchain to the fashion industry. James Hakim is a fin-tech developer renowned for his innovative ideas. He has developed Curate, a DApp (decentralized app) which rewards users with $XCUR for every successful transaction. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Curate is the only gasless NFT and physical goods marketplace app. Hakim has gained the limelight with the introduction of Curate, the world’s first all-in-one marketplace that allows trading both physical and digital goods like NFTs.  Curate has more than 20,000 active users and 35,000 gasless minted NFTs. The app is approved on the iOS app store and it uses cryptocurrency as a payment infrastructure.

With this platform, James Hakim intends to solve the problem of fake reviews. At present, he is being approached by some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry to discuss the potential applications of blockchain technology to solve the problem of fake reviews. The Curate platform benefits customers, as well as retailers and brands to discover the trending styles and get genuine reviews. Hakim wanted to create a platform that is a combination of Amazon, Pinterest, and Instagram. With Curate, he aimed to help people check reviews, compare prices, and discover what’s trending.

Curate: The All-In-One NFT Marketplace

Curate has emerged as the world’s first gasless NFT marketplace supported by blockchain technology. Unlike other platforms that charge gas fees to mint NFTs, all transactions on Curate have zero gas fees and no hidden charges. Moreover, the platform allows payments in both cryptocurrency and traditional modes. Both buyers and sellers also get rewards in XCUR on every successful transaction.

Hakim’s idea was to develop a decentralized marketplace that eliminates the issue of data privacy and authentication. As the all-in-one NFT marketplace, Curate not only lists physical and digital goods but also works as an unbiased platform that eliminates fake reviews. Users can buy and sell physical goods and digital items such as gaming, GIFs, electronics, NFTs, clothing, and more. This peer-to-peer marketplace has excellent encryption capabilities that protect users’ data and ensures the authenticity of reviews. Last year 10M XCUR tokens were minted but at present, the total supply is 8.5M because 15% of the supply was burnt. This decentralized app (DApp) works on blockchain technology and utilizes a unique ID system that eliminates fake reviews by ensuring that only verified accounts post genuine reviews.

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