How Legal Professionals Can Benefit From Audio Transcription Services

Generating transcripts from audio and video content is a training that has been around a long time. Technical progression has enhanced the way transcription is done and transcription companies vie with each other to deliver their clients with precise and timely transcripts. Audio transcription services are a great benefit for legal professionals and law firms considering to save time and money with their documentation tasks. Carrying out audio transcription can be a time and resource overwhelming task for attorneys, lawyers, court reporters, and other paralegals. That’s why these professionals are gradually subcontracting their documentation tasks to consistent service providers.

Benefits of Audio Transcription Outsourcing

Outsourcing audio transcription tasks to a reliable legal transcription company, assures legal professionals many added advantages:

  • Audio transcription utilizing digital applications: A trustworthy firm would use the current sophisticated technologies and the latest software to convert audio files to text. They can handle various audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, AU, and more.
  • Accurate transcripts: Professional transcription firms would guarantee transcripts with high levels of correctness. Their team of transcriptionists would be skilled in legal terminology and jargon and also have outstanding listening and comprehensive skills to catch important words and different accents.
  • Saves resources: Dependable firms help legal professionals save money as well as resources. Hiring audio transcription services means they can save money that would go into hiring supplementary staff to do the job in-house.
  • Secure handling of legal data: Legal professionals do not have to concern about the security of the data on their valuable audio files when they are sent out for transcription.
  • Cost-effective: Legal transcription services are profitable. Reputable firms provide assistance to their clients gain economies of scale and can safeguard their clients cost savings of 30 to 40 percent on their transcript.

Find a Reliable Service Provider

To be able to experience all the possible advantages, it is important to work together with a trustworthy legal transcription company. The best way is to go through the web and head to the free trial that prominent providers offer to help their clients assess their audio transcription services. Choose the firm that can meet your requirements at rates that fit your budget.

Digital & Audio Transcription Services (DAATS) is an online transcription service based in Adelaide, South Australia.  The company began in 2007 in Brisbane and the company relocated to Adelaide in 2010. DAATS’ client base includes all major universities, legal professionals, large government organisations, medical professionals, hospitals, law firms, insurance building firms and much more. Tara Stobart, founder and owner of DAATS, has over 10 years of experience in the field of transcription.  Tara has dedicated herself to making DAATS one of the best transcribing companies in Australia ensuring that high standards of excellence are always maintained. One thing Tara promises to provide you is the personal touch that you will not find with other companies. You can be guaranteed that your queries will be answered personally and most importantly, in a professional and friendly manner. For more information, Research around, find reviews, reach out to potential clients to get feedback and then choose.



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