How small businesses can use videos to market their products or services

More than 80 percent of people prefer watching videos more than reading the text. That’s not all, 64 percent of individuals said that they have made a purchase after watching a video.

That is why businesses are focusing on video marketing to increase traffic and spread brand awareness. This marketing strategy can work for small businesses when they are trying to promote their products or services. 

Here is how small enterprises can utilize the videos for marketing purposes:

Product Review

This tip comes from John Hewitt of

“Your customers can be the best advocates of your brand. Nothing promotes a company more than a satisfied customer if you know how to benefit from it. Get your happy customers in front of a camera. Let them tell the world what makes your product and company so special.”

These reviews can be extremely powerful. A first-hand account of the good experience with your business can convince the viewers to try out your product/service. It increases credibility and spreads brand awareness. In a survey, 46 percent participants said that they rely on customer reviews while only 10 percent counted on the website ads. For efficacy, keep it natural and let the customers speak without any direction or script. However, tell them to be specific in what they like about your company.

Introductory Video

Simplicity has its own charm. A simple hello and brief introduction of a business’s operations can help. The video should address how the enterprise solves a problem encountered by the potential customers. However, it is better to keep it short, up to 90 seconds, which will improve the efficacy of this marketing tactic.

A short, brief video is way better than the crammed descriptions and headlines on the home page. A good video transmits the ideas more effectively and tends to leave a mark on the viewer’s minds. Make sure that the content is not mundane and the overall feel of the video is enthusiastic and forthcoming.

Demo Video

While a short video works for the introduction, you need to make in-depth videos explaining the offered product or service. Putting up a demo video on your business’s website and social media platforms adds credibility. The more you explain about your services the more information your viewers will have. Information and data are a reassuring factor for people. They will be more inclined to do a transaction with you after watching a product explainer video.

Bear in mind that the content supersedes every other aspect of the video. No matter how professional or shiny your video appears, it would not work if the content were not engaging and informative.


Advertisement videos denote the typical, old-school marketing strategy. They existed long before digital marketing became a thing. Also known as advertising campaigns, these videos should inform people about the problem-solving capabilities of your product or service while describing its features.

You can incorporate the usual advertising strategies in these videos. But keep in mind that these videos are for a digital audience, which has a short attention span. Try to communicate the maximum in minimum time. Make it short yet catchy. The beginning of the video should grab the viewer’s attention so that they do not push the ‘skip ad’ button right away when the ad starts on YouTube.

While the major purpose of an advertisement video is to improve your brand’s reach, it serves other purposes too. An ad video can help spread the announcements of discounts, garner brand recognition, and increase sales.

Educational Videos

These videos are one of the most effective ways to garner traffic to your site/social media platform. Not only that, but it is also a more subtle way of advertising. For instance, if you are running a real estate business, share insights on things to remember when buying a house. If you are an insurance consultant, educate people about different premium plans and which one serves the need of whom.

If you sell organizers, storage boxes, share tips on organizing and decluttering. Whatever your business is, share your expertise and educate people. That will also contribute to your brand’s authenticity and credibility. You can also teach people about your enterprise itself. These videos are the best marketing strategy if you are selling a unique product or service.

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