How Technology is Changing the Future of Communication?

In our everyday life, we encounter news of some groundbreaking technology that gets us one step closer to achieving dreams which once were thought impossible. Traveling at a speed of 200 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier with jet planes, or carrying hundreds of tons of goods across continents, traveling has been revolutionized by incredible machines. Eradicating diseases that were once pandemic, achieving fusion of gametes to grow life, precise operating procedures, advanced technology has decreased mortality rate and increased average life span of humans.

Information was stored and passed on pages, then 7.5 feet hard disk with a storage of 1 MB made its way into the world. Nowadays, terabytes of data can be carried in your pocket. Technology has widened the storage capacity of devices and now we don’t even need a device to store data. And then comes communication, extremely advanced technology is changing the future of our interaction. To know ‘how?’ read ahead on the future of communication with modern technology.

AI Keyboard

Typewriters, keyboards, and buttons are now replaced with digital keyboards. Since our generation is using it since our childhood, we won’t appreciate it much. But it is a great progression from how typing was done before. Keyboards are programmed with Artificial Intelligence to improve typing experience and make it fun. The latter is to reduce the dependency on third-party apps. One such brilliant and powerful keyboard is Bobble AI’s Hindi Keyboard App.

This keyboard makes Sinhala typing very dynamic and is the best app for typing Hindi and Hinglish on PlayStore. Some of the features of the app that makes it wonderful are:

  • Swift keyboard, Word suggestions, English to Sinhala Conversion, and powerful autocorrect.
  • Create your own Avatars, stickers, Bigmojis, and GIFs
  • Keyboard shortcuts, Clipboard, and Custom Fonts
  • Ready to share Quotes, Jokes, and Shayaris
  • COVID-19 Resources and important links
  • Speech to Text
  • Personalization and Keyboard themes.

How simple has our life because of reliable keyboards like the Sinhala keyboard app? Even elders who find using modern technology difficult too have got used to the simplicity of the app. And I feel technology should make life simple, and complicated. That is what the Sinhala typing keyboard does.

Holographic Video Call

When video conferencing came into existence, softwares like Skype was the only way we were able to see our loved ones or hold meetings remotely. It did not matter where you were in the world, with a proper internet connection and device, looking at the other person had become possible. Then it became normal to hold AGM, Interviews, and Conferences online. Seminars were replaced with what we call today Webinars. Everyone has access to this basic facility if they have a device and appropriate apps.

But we are going a step ahead, obviously. With holographic video calls, you no longer will have to look at a screen. A 3D holographic image of the person who you are talking to would be possible. Want to show your new dress to someone? No need to hand the device to someone or send a photo, holographs will help do that without any issues. This technology can bring people closer than video calls have brought and will be another step towards an advanced future.

Mind Reading

This is no dark magic. People who are mute and paralyzed can now talk. Technology has now been developed such that the instrument reads words in someone’s mind and can talk through pre-recorded voice. This is life-changing for whom conversing was difficult before. Even though this technology is young and very expensive, we can be sure that it will be another normal in a couple of years, and we will be able to help as many people as we can.

Most of us know Stephen Hawking’s unfortunate condition which made him lose control over his muscles. The wheelchair he used was a specially designed computer that was updated regularly based on what kind of input could be taken from him. During the initial days, he used a clicker and later infrared detection of facial tweaks. And now, we are able to use impulses from the brain directly to from sentences. Yes, we are building a better place to live in.

Instant and Automatic Translation

Ever seen a United Nations General Assembly? If yes, you would have noticed a lot of delegates wearing headphones. That is because a translator converts the language of the speaker to the delegate’s language. Now imagine going to a foreign land and not having anyone to translate things for you. Of course you can use your device for the same, but wouldn’t that be hectic to do all the time? New portable devices are now developed which are like an earpiece. These devices instantly translate speech to the desired language.

Technology is rapidly upgrading everyday. People all over the world are trying to make the world a better and simple place to live in. The sci-fi movies which we watched as kids no longer seem fiction. It is the reality and our future. We have come a long way in terms of how we communicate. From writing on paper to advanced typing opinions like the Hindi Keyboard Online, we have simplified options now, but will get even simpler in the future.

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