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I show the participants of my Instagram That Sells program that the number of Instagram followers is not the most important in business. Because 10,000,000 people watching your profile do not immediately mean that you have more customers. If your profile is followed by your target group, and you will be able to sell your product to them, you do not need 10,000 or even 1,000 followers. However, I like to listen to other people’s experiences to find out what it’s like to finally get 10,000+ on Sociallygo!

I am talking to Agnieszka Witkowska, the Architect of Order. Agnieszka as the Architect of Order, i.e. an expert in decluttering, plays and organizes storage space in the apartments and houses of her clients, and ensures that order in the rooms: rooms, wardrobes, and other nooks and crannies is permanent.

A little sexy topic? Not in the Architect of Order’s edition! I have been watching Agnieszka on Instagram for some time – the quality of the content, message, and friendly appearance attract Agnieszka! Although you may not even have anything to do with decluttering now, after watching a few Agnieszka’s reports, you will start to want to unravel the wardrobe with clothes.

This article was written on the occasion of Agnieszka crossing the magical threshold of 10,000 observers. And in just over a year! What’s more, at the time of publishing this article, Agnieszka’s profile is already being watched by 12,000+.

If you want to find out about Agnieszka’s path from 1 to 10,000+ communities of engaged followers, how to build a brand from scratch and how to get customers on Instagram, be sure to read our conversation. By the way, soon, because on Wednesday, October 30, we are organizing live on Instagram, during which you will be able to listen to Agnieszka and ask her a question!

Why the Architect of Order?

Agnieszka recalls: The story of the Architect of Order is a bit of a coincidence. One of the companies we ran with my fiancé was in financial trouble, and we needed to organize something quickly. Overnight, we set up a cleaning company and displayed our services on the CityTeam group shopping portal. We agreed that the company will start operating when we sell 300 services in coupons. After seven days, sales stopped at 574 coupons. Then we realized that we must have hit it! It wasn’t our dream. Each of us has completely different education, but we were both sellers. Cleaning services for people individuals turned out to be a good business idea. And yes, I have had this company for 8 years by chance. And although we continued to do other things, it turned out that this is our most stable activity. Although, it was not sexy enough to be presented on social media. But when someone asked me who I was and what I was doing, I said without hesitation that I was the owner of a cleaning company. It was something I was most proud of. And it’s not that I like cleaning people. I like to solve their problems.

The Architect of Order as a Personal Brand

Even though I felt the cleaning company was my place, I didn’t feel like building a personal brand could be behind it. But after training Joanna Ceplin in building a personal brand, I realized that I don’t know how or what, but I want a personal brand. I want to be the frontman, I want to act on the marketing scene of my company.

Then I came up with something that was not on the market yet. The idea arose from the fact that I was always with these people when introducing new people to clients. And when I was with clients, I was bored, so I started to organize something, arrange it, choose things that I thought did not fit them. It started to work and I didn’t even know what it was called. Then I thought that I could do it professionally.

The best brands are those that solve their customers’ problems

Agnieszka explains: I myself have followed the path of decluttering, i.e. the path of making a difference. I was once a collector myself, like most of my clients are. Once, for professional reasons, I had two apartments at my disposal – one was cluttered and the other one was rented – practically empty. I noticed that I feel better in an apartment that is empty. And I know how difficult it was for me, how many attempts I made to redecorate my own apartment when I gave up, what excuses I had … Working with my clients, I found that they had exactly the same problem. And this was an impulse for the Architect of Order to be created, i.e. support in getting rid of unnecessary things.

Route from 1 to 10,000 observers

Agnieszka explains her actions, thanks to which, in just over a year, her account was watched by over 10,000 people.


I already had a private account on Instagram to see what it is. But as a Facebook person back then, I found Instagram to be pointless at all. However, in May 2018 there was an impulse – Kamila Rowińska announced a competition. The competition was to announce to the world on Instagram what is your goal by the end of 2018. Then I thought, or how about the Architect of Order?

I recorded a 1-minute video in which I explained my goal – by the end of 2018 I want to prepare the Architect of Order’s offer, I want a blog to be created, that a brand is to be created and that I will create sales channels, which will be YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The video began to flicker, and since the post with the film was marked with competition hashtags, people who are watching Kamila Rowińska started watching me. I won the competition on June 1, 2018.


Then I realized that there was no kidding. I won a coaching session with Kamila Rowińska and dinner for the winners. Dinner was 23 days from the announcement of the competition results. At that time, the time until the end of the year seemed to be a very distant date for me, I thought that the blog would have the form on the day when I am to meet Kamila.

I knew it would be a big event, which Kamila Rowińska would also talk about. Then, hundreds of people came to me from Kamila, and I only had this one video on my profile. Thought you had to take advantage of this. I’m starting to have an audience. This is not my audience – it is Kamila Rowińska’s audience. And this audience is people who focus on their development, are capable of change. I thought – let’s give them something interesting. I organized an event – a countdown to the blog’s premiere. If you look at my feed from the beginning, these are wooden numbers. I placed them somewhere, took nice photos and counted down the days to the premiere, that is also to the meeting with Kamila Rowińska. I was totally green, I was totally intuitive.


I assumed that I wanted people to like me to watch me. People are open to change. In the meantime, I learned the name of the service I offer and started looking for hashtags on other accounts used by people offering similar services – operating mainly abroad. Back then, it seemed to me that the only important thing on Instagram are hashtags!

I used hashtags from people who already deal with decluttering or deal with something that is close to housekeeping, e.g. tidying up, home, tidying up the house, parenting. I started using hashtags that are not entirely related to me. Not straightforward #decluterring, but for example #dziecko #mama #pokojdziecka #synekmamusi and so on so that people who will search for this hashtag will find me. And these observers were coming.


I will not hide that I used to follow and unfollow strategies. I invited people to my profile, often in a private message. After a while, I had to unfollow some of these accounts, but I only did so recently. Some of these people’s content just didn’t interest me. I am on Instagram a lot myself but if you want to don’t lose yourself on Instagram then you can buy Instagram followers Australia, I consume a lot of content and I don’t want to be distracted by those I don’t like. There are also people with whom established contact in the online world has gone beyond the social media zone.


I noticed that the biggest surge of followers was when I joined an action. I have presented myself in every possible place. Also sharing other people’s profiles resulted in reciprocity.

# 6 BLOG

Following the statistics in Word Press, I realized that not all those who enter my blog follow me on Instagram. So you had to tell them too that I have an Instagram account, informing them about it in my blog posts.

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