How to buy a diamond necklace online?

A diamond necklace is a big investment. So you need to do some due diligence before making the purchase. Let’s read about some tips that can help you make the perfect choice between different cuts, clarity, color, and carats.

Knowing the Cost of a Diamond Necklace

A diamond necklace price ranges anywhere from $500 to $3600. A few tweaks in the diamonds, design, and necklace material can significantly affect the final cost price. Thus, before going to the shop make sure that you know exactly what you want and where to look for your desired necklace. There are a plethora of options available and several vendors would love to offer a customized diamond necklace.

Having Knowledge about the Good Old 4 C’s of a Diamond

Whenever you need to buy a piece of diamond jewelry, you must be well-aware of the four C’s. These include the diamond carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. All four massively impact the outcome of the piece and can create or shatter a stunning design! 

Here is a brief guide:

Carat is the unit that measures the weight of the diamond, not the size. Hence, small carat diamonds can be expertly manipulated into a diamond necklace to curate an eye-catching ornament! You can also use contrasting, cheaper gemstones to bring down the overall cost – while simultaneously elevating the overall look of the diamond necklace.

Brilliant diamond cuts bring out the typical scintillating look of a regal piece of diamond jewelry! These include round, cushion, oval, marquise, radiant, and princess cuts. Whereas emerald, rose and Asscher cuts give a lustrous and subtle look to a diamond necklace. Choose one based on personal preference.

The color of a diamond ring defines how the hues will reflect the light striking the mirroring facets. A range from D to I is usually preferred for white diamonds. Whereas, colored diamonds have different ranges depending on the amount of tinge you like.

Finally, the clarity of the diamond depended on how it was carved. Diamonds made by experts should ideally have no inclusions to prevent the bow-tie effect. But smaller diamonds can still appear flawless to the naked eye. Whereas bigger diamonds should have VSI or VVSI ratings to reduce the appearance of shadows on the table.

Diamond Necklace Styles

You can get styles customized or buy from a range of different jewelry creators, here are some common styles:

Pendants: The cross, usually round cut, white diamonds strung together.

Solitaire, minimalist diamonds in different cuts – without or without a halo. These are also available in pave or micro pave settings. Famous cuts include marquise, rose, round, and pear. Combo cuts can also be used in the same necklace – having different colors and shapes. These are seen in charms, lariats, layered necklaces as well as three-stone pieces.

Eye-catching, sturdier pieces include tennis necklaces and chokers. The chunky pieces are donned with monochromatic or contrasting diamonds in a channel or bezel setting.

Other designs can be inspired from the vintage ear like Art Deco, Georgian or Edwardian eras making regal statement pieces! Floral and celestial inspiration is also very popular.

Knowing Where to Shop From

High-end shops like Blue Nile, James Allen, and Tiffany and Co. have been diamond selling giants for ages now. But their prices tend to reach the roof. Thus, consider shopping from online retailers from Dubai and India which have been capturing the global market’s interest for a long time. You can also haggle with these vendors to fit your budget. Or get your piece customized!

Looking for the Right Price and Diamond Documentations

While shopping online, make sure that the seller has an authentic, physical address of the shop on the official site. Before making the final purchase make sure you get the original diamond certificate from the GIA as well as the diamond specifics highlighting the four Cs to ensure that the diamond is authentic.   

Picking a Diamond Necklace with Correct Measurements

Finally, make sure that the diamond necklace fits perfectly and isn’t too low or high on your neckline. Make sure that the clasp is made of study material – especially if it is a heavy necklace. Moreover, dedicating a good amount of time is caring for and maintaining the necklace – after all, it must be one of your prized possessions!

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