How to change resin in your 3D printer

The craze for 3D printing has increased in recent times. Different 3D printing services are available in the market offering 3D prints with great colors and finished products. For different types of prints, you will have to know the process to change the resin. In this post, we have explained to you the complete process to change the resin in 3D printers.

Things You’ll Need

  • Isopropyl solution
  • Paper towels
  • Empty resin bottle
  • Silicone funnel
  • Protection for workstation
  • Rubber squeegee
  • UV lamp

The Process to Change Resin In 3D Printer

So, now that you know what all you need to change resin in the 3D printer, here’s how to carry out the full process. Below we have listed all the steps that you need to follow to change the resin. Make sure to follow each step in the same way as mentioned to avoid any complications.

  1. The very first thing is to remove the protective equipment so that you can work on the device.
  2. You will then have to detach the build plate. Also, you need to keep it above the vat so that you can check if there is any drop.
  3. When done, you will have to remove all the resin using a rubber squeegee. Make sure to remove the maximum amount of resin as possible from the plate on the vat.
  4. Now, when you are done with removing the resin, you will have to set the build plate on a safe surface. Also, take a towel and the isopropyl solution.
  5. Next, you will have to use a dry towel and clean the build plate to remove any resin left on the plate. Make sure to clean it till the clamping knobs. In case you feel it is not yet done, repeat the process.
  6. When done, you will have to use a paper towel with isopropyl solution and then remove all the residue from the build plate. Make sure to do it properly and no resin should be left on the plate.
  7. Make sure to keep these used papers aside and also, discard them later properly.
  8. Now, you will have to detach the vat from your printer. Also, if you can, you will have to keep the lights of the room too low and then set the vat in a safe area.
  9. After this, you will have to place the container in a safe place. Also, make sure to keep the strainer and funnel in the opening.
  10. When done, you need to slowly start pouring the resin with the help of a pour spout into the container.
  11. Now, when your vat is almost empty, with the help of a rubber squeegee, remove the remaining one on the vat.
  12. Following this, you will have to put the lid back on your container and also, put that in the storage.
  13. When you have cleaned the vat properly, you will have to clean your rubber squeegee with a dry paper towel first and then with an isopropyl towel.
  14. Now, you need to clean the vat and the resin printer from inside properly.
  15. When done, make sure that the alcohol is evaporated and then place the vat and container back to their location.
  16. After this, you will have to shake the resin properly and start pouring it into the vat. Make sure to fill it to the maximum fill line.
  17. Now, you will have to take all the towels that you have used and place them on the workstation. Use the UV light to dry out all the resin from the tissue. Make sure that these do not leave any residue when you touch them.
  18. In the end, put the lid back to the location and then start your printer.

Winding Up

So, this was the whole process to change the resin in a 3D printer. You Can also get in touch with the experts at Macomtech. We are among the leading 3d printing services companies in Dubai, UAE. Our team of experts ensures a successful product release including optimization of design, development, cost, etc. Get in touch with Us to know more About Us.

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