How to choose perfect wedding flowers

Flowers and bouquets have been an indispensable part of every wedding for ages. This trend is evergreen and will stay the same for upcoming centuries as well. Flowers are the accessory that a bride carries when she walks down the aisle. They are used to decorate the venue or wedding hall. They make the place look prettier and add your personal touch of creativity. Every couple wants their wedding location to look phenomenal, covered with their choice of flowers. But planning the wedding isn’t easy to decide the perfect flowers. There are confusions, doubts and mostly debates between the couple on what to pick and how to make things right. If you are also about to get married soon and going through the same conflicts with your fiance or have no idea about wedding flowers shopping and need general advice, read this article to get some insight into choosing the perfect wedding flowers. Follow these steps to get started.


Plan a budget

The first step to shopping for anything for the wedding is to fix a budget. You might have already set a fixed total amount for your wedding, including the cost of the venue, decorations, music band, catering, etc. The overall budget expenses will determine the cost of the flowers. Talk with your partner and fix a certain amount. The price may vary depending on the variety of flowers, quantity, and type. If you make a flexible budget, it will be easy to go for high price flowers and look good while being decorated. But in no circumstance you should imbalance your whole budget and be in financial debt on your most special day.


Hire a wedding florist

Hiring a wedding florist works just the same as hiring a wedding planner. They listen to your demands, showcase their stock, help you with suggestions and guide you with everything related to the flowers. You need to be definite about your requirements. It would be best to tell the florist what you have in mind and how you want the arrangement to look like and flowers to match your colour scheme and be within your budget. It is crucial to hire a wedding florist who understands your needs and bring your vision into existence. They must be professional with sufficient experience. Always check the previous work of the same florist and see if you can resonate with their work. Please read the reviews of their former customers to know more about their quality of work. You can even take inspiration from any past work and plan something similar for your own.


Make a choice

The last and the most critical step is choosing the wedding flowers. This is where many people get confused and often pick the wrong ones and realize it on the day of the wedding or days after when pictures come out, and nothing from the venue matches with flowers. The choice should be made on the following factors:

  • A personal selection of flowers if you have any
  • Colour Scheme based on your wedding colour palette
  • Season the wedding like spring, summer or winter and see which flowers will be available during your wedding.
  • Match the flowers with your wedding style


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