How to choose the Right engraving machines for Dog Tags

Where to get a machine to make dog tags

 Dog tags aren’t just for soldiers and pets. Nameplate machines can be found for sale through a growing number of online vendors for those who want to start their businesses. Dog tag recorders can be found in commercial offices, factories large and small, hospitals, pet stores, military bases, fund-raising schools, museum gift shops, fairs, pets, military, and department stores. These machines come from China, India, Taiwan, and half a dozen from the United States.


 You can create an online site to make personalized plates for retail, wholesale, or purchase a portable model and take it to fairs, festivals, and markets. Go online to compare machines. An automatic feed recorder, designed to make your business profitable, low to the high volume of nameplates for offices and small shops costs $ 9,750. Higher-end machines can cost from $ 2,000 for a manual model, while a high-performance model ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 100,000.

 Model Options

 Manual models are cheaper, but also slower, making a dozen plates in an hour, compared to a more expensive machine that can make 180-300 plates. Knowing where you plan to use it is also a factor; they can weigh 100 pounds (37 kg) or more. If you plan to have an Internet business, a faster and heavier model is a good option. It also has additional features, more fonts, and can ambush faster. If you are going to go to trade shows or charity events, it will be better to choose a portable model with good speed as it is very important.


 In addition to the machine, you will need anodized aluminum, copper, brass, or stainless steel, or colored plastic plates. The supplies you must have are metal ball chains, key rings, and silencers to serve your customers on the online sites.


 Lean with your provider in case you require technical support. You may need to consult on technical issues or have to do one at home. The best sites offer both supports. “Dog tags are one of the few businesses that the average person can run in their home or apartment without spending a fortune,” says  WOOCNC. This site offers telephone technical support and cares for people living in the United States.


 Dog tags are no longer exclusive to the military. They are popular with kids, military, luggage, dog collars, emergency medical information, and fun. Once the recording machine is purchased, the fonts are inexpensive, costing between $ 0.30 and $ 0.60 each. Individuals with a plate engraving machine can take them to shopping malls or a carnival and recoup the cost of the equipment quickly by making personalized plates.

How do choose a suitable laser engraver for Dog Tags? 

 1. What are your processing needs? 

 First of all, it is very important to understand your processing requirements. For example, you need to know what industry you are in, what metal material you want to process, how large the processed material is, and how thick you have to wait. These are all important factors when choosing a great metal laser engraver. If you just want to engrave simple images on metal materials, a metal marking machine or low-power metal laser engraver can meet your needs. 

 2. What settings do you want?

 You can preliminarily determine your requirements for machine configuration based on your processing needs. Machine configuration is closely related to specific processing requirements, so this can also be used as a criterion for your choice of a metal laser engraving machine for Dog Tags


Dog Tags laser engraving machines are used to laser engrave door signs, nameplates, or plaques. Sign makers can produce individual items or small series, but also produce large series efficiently and economically. Virtually any desired design can be laser engraved.

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