How to clean Gutters?

There are several ways to get these leaves out of the gutters before they clog and cause damage, and not one method is best for every homeowner. Some people don’t like using a power washer, and others don’t want their feet off the ground in the process. The best way to clean gutters is to use a safe, effective method that you are comfortable with.

Why is it important to clean your home’s gutters?

Gutters serve the main purpose of collecting the rain that falls on the roof and diverting it from the basement to the foundation of the house. Without gutters, water that falls near foundations can fall through windows, or seep into basements or crawl spaces.

Other than keeping rain gutters free of debris, they generally require little maintenance to function well. Gutters that are clogged with leaves can clog downspouts, allowing water to pool at the top of the gutter channel and onto the ground below. Worse, winter thaw and freeze cycles can cause snow on the roof to melt and freeze in the gutters.

How to clean drains from the ground

Ground drain cleaning is the most effective and by far the safest method of drain cleaning. You’ll need to move slowly and methodically because you can’t really see what you’re doing, and yes, it will take you a little longer if you’re standing on a ladder.  The most common methods of cleaning gutters from the ground require either a garden hose or a shop-type wet/dry vacuum, along with a few simple attachments. Here are two great gutter cleaning techniques for those who like to work with their feet firmly on the ground.

Cleaning gutters with a garden hose

As long as they are not completely blocked, it is relatively easy to clean your gutters from the ground using a garden hose fitted with a water feeder. The inside of the sewer may be the goal. Start at the point closest to the downspout, spray the entire length of the channel, and then work your way back to the downspout. Water, leaves and small twigs are a risk of splashing on the drain banks, so wear appropriate clothing.

Cleaning gutters with wet/dry vacuum

Another way to remove debris from your gutters is to use a wet/dry vacuum with hoses and curved attachments that you need to reach the blocked drain from ground level. Home improvement stores and online retailers carry these gutter cleaning kits (one to consider is the Craftsman Gutter Cleaners Kit for Shop Vacuum). Once you have removed most of the debris from the gutters, rinse the gutters and downspouts with water from a garden hose.

How to clean stairwell drains?

Climbing a ladder to clean gutters is not as safe as cleaning them from the ground because there is always a risk of falling.It is important to use the right ladder to reduce this risk. Avoid using a ladder that can tip over.

A safe bet is to use a sturdy extension ladder equipped with stabilizer arms. These arms, like the Werner True Grip Stabilizer, secure the ladder to the siding and prevent it from sliding sideways.  It’s also always a good idea to have a helper on the ground who can hold the ladder, and hand you supplies as needed.  Before you take the plunge and get ready to clean, decide which of the following methods is right for your situation.


In general, you should have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. The best time for this is late spring and late fall.  However, if you live in an area with a lot of trees near and above your home, more regular cleaning may be required.

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