How to create a Santa Claus Craft for Preschoolers

How to Secure a Santa Claus Craft for Preschoolers. Christmas is a wonderfully magical time to craft with your children, even if it is often hectic and chaotic. Several mothers are going away from putting stuff on Advent calendars instead of offering an activity every day, and Santa’s crafts are perfect for that activity. Today we will cover two different Santa Claus craft options; a beard and a paper plate of Santa Claus. You can use one to bring holiday cheer wherever your preschooler goes and the other to decorate your home or your preschooler’s bedroom. Here are our Santa Claus crafts for preschoolers and also easy landscape drawing for kids.

Santa Claus beard

Let’s start by seeing how to create a cute Santa Claus beard. Everyone knows that children love “costumes” and masks, which is great to do with your child. It is straightforward and does not require large amounts of materials.


To allow your little one to transform into Santa at will, you will need the following:

  • Plain white paper
  • A fine black marker
  • A wooden popsicle stick or rubber band
  • white cotton
  • Headband
  • Glue

Step 1: Draw Santa’s beard

Lay your white paper on a smooth exterior and draw Santa’s imperial. You can perform it as long or as little as you like (within reason), have fun with lots of bumps and waves, or just for a continuous circuit. When you’re satisfied with the shape, draw a portal in the center near the top. Again, if you want to be classy, ​​draw some lines to indicate a mustache. Most of the pencil lines won’t appear at the end anyway, but some can, which can further help manage your little one on where to stick the cotton ball later.

Step 2: Trim your beard

Take some sharp scissors and cut the outline of the beard. Remember to exaggerate the shapes that you want to stand out in the finished piece. Cut around the mouth when done. You might find it a bit tricky, so use sharp, pointed scissors and pierce the center of the mouth hole first, then cut to the edge and cut the rest. It should give you a kind, new line. Don’t bother too much if it’s not complete; your baby won’t mind, and the wadding will hide most of it anyway.

Step 3: glue or paste the paddle

Tape or adhesive the popsicle stick to the back of the cardboard brush, creating sure it is secure. Alternatively, you can poke a small hole on each side of the beard and then tie the elastic band to fit your baby’s head. It means they don’t have to hold the beard in place, but it can be a bit fiddly, and the paper could eventually tear, especially if the child rips and shaves their beard with great enthusiasm, as many young children will. To reduce this problem, do not drill the holes too close to the edge.

Step 4: decorate the beard

Take the cotton ball and glue it on and let your kid start adding “Santa’s beard” to the base he created. You may need to help a little to make sure the glue doesn’t spread everywhere, but this is the piece of craft that your child should be able to have the most fun with.

To minimize clutter:

  1. Spread a layer of glue on the beard yourself and encourage the child to glue bits on top, rather than let them dip the cotton ball into the glue and then stick it to the board. You can give your baby whence to play and experiment with cotton, turning it into long fluffy strands or leaving it in firmer shapes like curls.
  2. Create a thin mustache and have fun combing your beard.
  3. If you add a rubber band instead of a stick, measure around your baby’s head and tie it in place. Once the adhesive is hard, it can be Santa to your heart’s content!

Santa Claus paper plate

How to create a Santa Claus Craft

If you prefer to create a decoration to add to the overall Christmas atmosphere of the house, here is another great option that your child will love.


For this craft, you will need:

  • A paper plate (red or painted red)
  • Thin white paper
  • Thin black paper
  • Slim red card
  • Bulging eyes
  • cotton wool
  • Some glitter paper

Step 1: cut out the components of Santa’s face.

It’s always fascinating to do too many as a man, but you may discover it more natural to do a little homework before calling your child for this particular trade.

You will take your blank paper and cut a circle a little less than the paper service; this will be Santa’s front, so practice that as a model to see how big it should be. Cut out a nose (you can draw it around to give it a little more definition) and then take your black paper and trim some small eyebrows. You can join extra items like ears if you feel more creative.

Step 2: cut out the other decorations.

You will need a hat, two red tag sleeves, a long black stripe to make a belt, and two boots. For each thing that requires two, cut one first and then draw around to make it easier to get the second piece of a similar size. To get the correct size for the belt, place your paper plate on the black card stock and draw a line on both edges. It will give you the length of the belt (as it should cover the entire size of the plate), and then you can cut the diameter so that the area is as high as you would need it. Cut a band clamp from the shiny paper you have. A rectangle with the center cut-off should work for this; you don’t need to spend too much time getting detailed. Now that you hold all the items, it’s a chance to get the glue and the baby!

Step 3: sticking the appearance and arms in position

Promote your preschooler to carefully paste the light elements in place, add the cap, and then put their fingers on the edges of the sleeves.

Step 4: decorate the hat

Fill in some cotton and help your child use it to create a fur trim on the Santa hat and a pom-pom on top. You can also add small fur trim to the sleeves and tops of the boots.

Step 5: Shave

You can apply shredded paper or any other cloth ball to build a nice sizeable fuzzy beard for Santa’s face. Let your preschooler add lots of cottons to make it big and smooth, and don’t worry too much if the front gets a little darker.

Step 6: figure the track to the base.

Please help your child carefully glue the belt to the plate, then glue the buckle over it. You can add more details like little black circles for the coat keys at this step if you like, or have it easy.

Step 7: paste the form elements to the plate.

You will need to help her to get a solid bond between the board and the body parts. Give your child a guide so that the head ends near the top, the arms on either side or the cute booties at the bottom. You may find that Santa ends up being a bit unstable, but that doesn’t matter; as long as you’re having fun, that’s what matters! Gluing the different parts to the bottom of the edge of the paper plate can help the crafts look neat, but if your child prefers to glue them to the top, they should be fine too!

Step 8: Optional Extras

If you want Santa to be a little more exciting, you can give him a sack cut out of brown cardstock or make a couple of wrapped gifts for him to hold in your fingers. Alternatively, join a carrot for the deer or a wafer for Santa himself to bite into. These things can be easily cut out of colored papers or paper and decorated with a pen. You can have this work elementary and give your child have as much fun as he wants!


Santa Claus crafts are a great addition to any Christmas holiday and will give you and your child a chance to spend time together. You may find that doing a little homework before involving your child makes the process easier, but it can be fun to get clingy and make mistakes together. Christmas crafts will probably be one of the things your child will remember fondly as he grows up, and the memories will last well beyond the arts, so have fun and don’t worry about making things that look perfect. Just focus on having an ideal time.

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