Customized Candle Packaging

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Customized candle packaging is one of the important aspects of a candle business. A beautifully designed customized candle box showcases the candles beautifully and in a stylish manner so as to catch the attention of visitors. The most ideal candle packaging depends upon the candle’s shape, size, and style. For example, a tall, clear glass container is more eye-catching and elegant than a clear plastic container with black writing and designs. A personalized box with custom designs can also be used for a small selection of candles, which will help to promote your business name or symbol.

Candle Packaging

Candle packaging helps to market a product successfully. However, the market is flooded with thousands of candle packaging suppliers. Some of them claim to offer excellent quality boxes. Others offer cheap but cheap prices. So, before purchasing a box, it is very necessary that you look into every detail to find out whether they are really worth the money or not.


As demand for candle boxes has been increasing, manufacturing companies have been exploring new ideas for making custom packaging. They have designed unique containers with a unique design, which helps them stand out from the rest. You should opt for eco-friendly printed boxes with minimum waste material. You can also purchase organic containers for mass productions. It is advisable to buy eco-friendly packaging if you want to support a green cause and also want to make an impact on the environment.

Color Printing

You can also make use of different color printing options when you purchase eco-friendly packaging. There are many options available in this regard. If you want to offer free color printing to customers, you can contact a professional printing company, who will gladly provide you with different color options, based on your custom candle box requirements. Apart from the customized shape and size options, they also offer other design options, free of cost. They can help you to create a full-color label, which will be printed on the top side. Free online shipping is provided if you choose the right color printing option from their stock.

Type of Printing

You can select any type of printing for the custom boxes, according to your needs and tastes. Some of the most popular and commonly used printing types include sticker, calendar, die-cut, vinyl, reflective tape, fabric, and many more. If you want your boxes to stand out from the rest, you can choose an unusual color scheme, which will help to reflect the contents. You can also add special decorations, depending on the theme of your event.


Apart from the shapes and designs, you can also opt for special paperboard boxes, which are specifically designed to house candles. These paperboard boxes are made from high-quality, weather-resistant, thick paperboard, which is easily available at your local store. The paperboard box does not absorb any moisture, and as a result, they maintain their shape even when the candle burns. If you want to add a personal touch to your packaging, you can print a logo of your brand or a text, which describes what your company offers. This way, your customized candles will be noticed, and they will promote your business.

Votive Candle Boxes

Votive candle boxes are also useful in promotional form. Companies can print their company’s name, logo, address, contact numbers, and website URL on these custom boxes, in order to market their brand. Free shipping is also available for your entire mailing list if you order the correct size of votive packaging from the online supplier. Free gifts also follow the same pattern, such as free candle labels. Online suppliers of candle boxes offer free samples, in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Free online shipping is offered, along with the sample packs. You can browse through the portfolio of different online candle label makers and choose one that suits your needs. As they offer customized options, you can choose one that fits your budget and one that helps you in promoting your business.

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