How to declutter and improve productivity as a freelancer?

Messy room, messier the life! 

A neat and clean space is critical for not only productivity but for peace of mind. When you are working for home, getting organized is the biggest challenge. Sometimes we get so comfortable while working from home that we don’t get time to clean up the mess, which piles up day after day. When that happens, we feel overwhelmed and procrastinate even more until it starts to ruin our productivity. And the less you work, the less you will earn as a freelancer.

 If that’s what you experience often, you need to learn some tips and tricks that make decluttering easier no matter how messy your workplace is. In this article, we are going to share some tips with you that will make decluttering less taxing for you. 

 1.  Don’t think, just do:

Thinking and planning out may not help when you are already procrastinating. Therefore, you need to take a step to get out of the situation causing you stress. Take a plunge and get moving. Decide a starting point. Just by getting up and starting to do things, it will start to feel a little more manageable. Start from renting a smart storage unit online because that is where your extra items will end up.

2.  Start with the small tasks:

When you have months of the clutter piled up, it is difficult to clean in a day or two. You need more time to tackle the mess you have created over weeks. The best way to start is to tackle the smallest tasks first. This will offer you a sense of accomplishment. It will motivate you to plan for taking over the big tasks. Start with a drawer in your room or fold the laundry.

3.  Make cleaning your habit:

Cleaning a little daily is easier than decluttering the entire house after months. Therefore, the best way to avoid cluttering your room is to make cleaning one of your daily habits. Daily cleaning practice will slowly turn into a habit and the thought of decluttering your living space will not overwhelm you.

4.  Plan before you clean:

Everything becomes easier when you have a plan to follow. Whether you have decided to clean your room or the entire house, you need a plan, to begin with. Without a proper plan, you wouldn’t know from where to start. It will stress you out even more. A cleaning plan will give you a direction to follow to achieve your goal.

Your cleaning plan should answer the following questions:

·         Where does the clutter need to be put?

·         How much time can you invest each day to de-clutter your house?

·         Which tools do you need to help you with the decluttering process?

·         Which areas do you need to tackle first?

·         How do you define clutter?

5.  Get focused:

Focus is the key to success when it comes to decluttering your space. No matter which room you have decided to tackle, you need to completely focus on that. Don’t let a TV show distract you from what you are doing. Just put your mobile phone away. Turn on motivating music and get things done.

6.  Begin with the space that makes the most difference:

Nothing motivates you more than the result you have expected. It encourages you to carry on the good work. Once you tackle, for example, the clutter in your living room, you will start to love the process. Your living space will begin to feel more breathable. Some of the best areas to start  include:

·         The living room

·         Your bedroom

·         The kitchen

·         The hallway

·         The bathroom

7.  Clean in short time intervals:

As mentioned earlier, cleaning two weeks’ worth of mess will be hard to tackle in a matter of two days. The best way to make the process easier for you is to set short time intervals to clean. Set a 15-minute timer, get focused and try to de-clutter as much as you can during the set period of time. Take 5-10 minutes of break and start the timer again. This is a great way to trick your mind into doing more in less time.

Wrapping up!

Decluttering may seem like a big challenge to overcome if you are procrastinating for a long time. However, with a proper plan and by following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily tackle the task of decluttering your cluttered living space. 

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