How to delete everything from your WordPress site in one click

When owning a WordPress site, some people get to a certain stage where they simply want a fresh start. People can restart and redirect WordPress for many reasons. Restarting in general means deleting everything that you have put into your site, including plugins, themes, pictures, the base, and so on. This can be compared to resetting your phone and laptop to their factory settings, deleting all of the information, and customization you have inserted yourself.

Now when it comes to reasons one might restart their site, the list is pretty long. The reasons go from overloading your site and just wanting a fresh start, to maybe being hired to redo a site for a certain client. Now, you are probably thinking, this whole process is not so hard. Well, actually, when done manually this whole process can be exhausting and can take up your time. Thankfully, as always we have a solution, which can save up your time and nerves. This is not the only way, but for sure is the easiest one. You can find out some alternatives online, which can lead you to the same goal.

We would like to present to you the WordPress Reset plugin. Even though this tool offers tons of features, we would like to focus the most on the features which are important for today’s article topic. The most powerful feature this tool offers is the Nuclear Reset tool. Just like its name suggests, like a nuclear bomb this tool deletes absolutely everything. By everything, we mean all of the data in the database and all of the files that you have. After the reset what you are left with is only the default settings and a clean installation and a user account so you are able to log in and start completely fresh.

Additional features that this tool offers are: the ability to undo certain updates and changes if you are unhappy with them, create a list of some of your favorite themes and plugins which can be reached with only one click. In general, this tool is perfect for simplifying all of your tasks, making them possible with only one click. This tool also offers us some cleaning tools, which get rid of all of the unnecessary data which might be taking space and slowing your site down, so apart from setting up a sticky menu, this plugin can also be a huge help for you site’s UX. The recovery tool allows you access to your WP admin even after messing up badly, no matter the mistake. These are some of the most useful features, but this tool offers much more. You can check out all of its features on their website. 

When it comes to pricing, this tool offers three plans. The first, and cheapest plan is “Personal”, which is perfect for one-person use, and costs $39/year. The second plan is $79/year and is called “Team”. And the last and biggest plan is “Agency” and costs $149/year. The biggest difference between these three plans is the number of site licenses they offer. So “Personal” offers one, “Team” offers 5, and “Agency” offers 100 site licenses. 


We hope that you have found all of the information that you came looking for. Why not simplify your resetting process by giving this tool a go. Hopefully, you have found this article helpful.

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