How to Find the winning products to sell on Amazon

One of the biggest reasons why Amazon FBA is so popular is that it’s a complete solution.

All you have to do is send your products to Amazon and they take care of everything else.

Amazon will pack and ship your products for you, store them in their warehouses, handle all customer service issues, and even process returns.

In exchange for using Amazon’s services, you have to pay Amazon fees.

And based on some of the questions I get from sellers, I know a lot of people aren’t exactly sure how much they’re paying in Amazon fees or what those fees are used for.

Many don’t even know what some of the fees are called!

This article will go over all of the different Amazon FBA fees and explain what each fee is for and how it’s calculated

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The process typically works like this:

You send your products to Amazon’s warehouse

You list your products on Amazon

Amazon customers order your product

Amazon makes sure it gets delivered to them (and they handle returns and customer service)

You make money and pay Amazon a fulfilment fee.

Finding the Top selling products

The popularity of a product can be gauged based on the category it is featured in. Amazon features products in its best-sellers list that are most popular or have received positive reviews from buyers. Check out the best-seller list in your niche and pick a product to sell.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, but you should start with Amazon’s bestsellers page. Not only can you browse the top 100 bestselling products in each category and subcategory, you can also check out Amazon’s Movers & Shakers page for more ideas.

Before we look into the strategies to find the best products, lets calculate the fees on top categories to find the most suitable products amazon fba fee calculator

Amazon Best Sellers

The Amazon Best Seller list is a great place to find popular products. Products with lots of positive reviews, high sales and low return rates are usually good products to sell. As an Amazon seller, you can get access to even more data.

Wish’s Winning Products is a site that allows manufacturers to sell products directly to consumers at a lower cost than on Amazon or eBay. The site has become popular with shoppers looking for good deals on name-brand items (shoes, clothes, electronics, etc.). You can find some of the top-selling products on Wish using the website or app.

Analyse Your Competitor

Amazon’s search bar is very useful for finding new product ideas. Type in one of your competitor’s ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and see what other products have been purchased by people who bought that item. You can also look at categories and subcategories to find new product ideas within your niche. Whatever your niche may be, chances are there is at least one other business already established in that space – and they have data on which products perform well and which don’t!

eBay Watch Count Find the product you should sell using Watch Count which allows you to see what’s popular on eBay. Monitor High-Performing Ads

Facebook ads can be an excellent tool for testing products to sell online


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