How to grow your business with Pinterest?

Did you know that in the United States Pinterest is the favorite social network of 55% of consumers (source: Digi mind) and that 52% of American Millennials use it every day? That said, the penetration of the social network of images goes far beyond the American borders. To the point that he can legitimately boast, today, of having joined the big leagues.

And you, entrepreneur, are you there?

Pinterest is:

  • Over 300 million monthly active users, of which only 87 million are Americans.
  • 2 million users who register pins on their boards on a daily basis.

But it would be a mistake to reduce Pinterest to a network on which we pin beautiful images. On the contrary, for some time now, the platform has been attracting more and more companies, to which it offers opportunities to connect with their target and develop their business.

At a time when competition on traditional social networks is getting tougher, Pinterest is one of these new digital territories to conquer. And its owners clearly show their good intentions towards pioneering entrepreneurs, who are interested in its innovative solutions, even confidential in certain sectors.

Integrating Pinterest into your web marketing strategy often means giving yourself a real breath of fresh air. So here are some tips to help your business benefit from it.


  • Enjoy attentive customer service that saves time
  • Monitor and anticipate trends in your industry
  • Get to know your target better thanks to your Pinterest insights
  • Harvest organic traffic with optimized pins
  • Sponsor your products at attractive prices
  • Conclusion
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Enjoy attentive customer service that saves time

The advantage with platforms that want to catch up with the leaders in their market is that they cannot rest on their laurels and have every interest in caring for their customers. This is the case of Pinterest, which has set up quality support for professional SEO services who wish to launch.

This support is based in particular on three significant channels for marketers:

  • Support and questions, where Pinterest users deploy a real community of members who help each other to answer each other’s problems.
  • Business Chat, which provides access to the best practices of the various brands already successfully engaged on the platform.
  • Creator Chat, to find inspiration as a content creator.

To these three community channels, we must also add a free e-learning platform, which provides access to a large number of modules to learn how to use Pinterest correctly from a business perspective. This Pinterest Academy is a real plus for the platform compared to its competitors.

In short, the Pinterest interface accessible with a pro account is full of content and features to learn how to connect effectively with an audience and generate activity from your “pins”. Do not hesitate to check it out. It’s free and it will give you a good idea of ​​the potential of the number 1 social network for image sharing.

Monitor and anticipate trends in your industry

You may not know it, but Pinterest can become a powerful ally in your industry watch. The platform has in fact developed a center for analyzing and reporting trends in several economic sectors: Pinterest Predicts. Based on its global data, the pin network regularly provides predictions on popular consumer practices. And we have to admit that it works rather well, since in 2020, despite the pandemic, 80% of these predictions have come true.

Do you know, for example, that the next few months should devote at flow and ready-to-customize in the field of fashion, the minimalist routine in the field of beauty products, the planks and the spicy-punchy in the field of restoration, or even the sheltie and the jacanid in the field of interior decoration?

So many predictions based on figures made available and which can help you better connect with the expectations of your target. You can also filter the results by audience (generation Z, generation Y, generation X, baby boomers) and by trend category (beauty, fashion, finance, leisure, children, etc.).

Get to know your target better thanks to your Pinterest insights

Beyond the general trends of your market, Pinterest can also be of great use to you to better understand your own target. In this case, it happens on the side of the Pinterest Analytics dashboard, which gives you access to a fairly complete set of performance indicators for your pins.

In particular, you will be able to identify, among your pins, those that generate the most impressions, engagement or clicks to your site and therefore know how users interact with your content.

The interest of these KPIs is twofold:

  • Optimize your editorial line for content creation by adapting it to the interests of your own audience.
  • Refine your knowledge of your commercial target, to develop an offer in line with their needs.

Given the growth of Pinterest users, which also includes consumer profiles that are sometimes less present on other platforms, the social network of images could quickly become a mine of essential data for your business. In any case, it will allow you to complete the data collected via other channels and improve your marketing analyses.

Harvest organic traffic with optimized pins

For hundreds of millions of users around the world, Pinterest has become the go-to search engine for images. The figures of the social network panic the counters:

  • More than 2 billion searches are recorded on the platform each month (source: Oberto).
  • The search function is central, since it generates 40% of user engagement (source: Pinterest).
  • 67% of Internet users have discovered new brands by searching on Pinterest (source: webmarketing-dé

Natural referencing enthusiasts will therefore appreciate the organic potential of Pinterest. Especially since you just have to create a free pro account to have the right to insert links to a site in the pins and start redirecting traffic.

Of course, like all search engines, Pinterest has its results ranking algorithm. To be among the first, you must therefore optimize your pins and in particular their description. For once, do not hesitate to be generous in text, to vary your keywords, but also to provide useful information, centered on the needs of your target. And don’t forget to work on your call-to-action to give users a good reason to click on your site…

But Pinterest is a special search engine, since the results it displays are images. To improve your click rate in the results pages, you must therefore also optimize your visuals. In addition to the usual good practices in the choice and realization of these visuals, the format is an important aspect. In this regard, the Pinterest teams recommend the vertical format (especially 2:3 and 1:3.5), which is deemed to perform better on the platform.

Sponsor your products at attractive prices

As on the other major platforms on the market like PPC for Hotels, the acquisition of organic traffic on Pinterest has its paid counterpart with Pinterest Business. If you are used to sponsoring your publications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, you will not be too out of place. You might even find your brands faster in Pinterest’s intuitive and educational Ads environment.

And, according to a Neustar study, in addition to being easy to use, this environment is efficient, since it has on average a cost per conversion 2.3x cheaper and a ROAS 2x higher than that of other social networks.

In fact, the advantage with Pinterest is that your target audience is clearly waiting for suggestions. Also, if you are able to offer her what she is looking for, it will be easier than elsewhere to develop a win-win relationship there.

Naturally, like on other platforms, you will find on Pinterest several ad formats (classic pins, videos, shopping, carousel, collections) and effective features to manage your budget and target your audience.


Knowing all this now, it’s beyond understanding if you’re still hesitating to get started on Pinterest to diversify your marketing strategy! In summary, the platform allows you to:

  • Progress in your marketing actions thanks to many free educational resources and an active support community.
  • Get a preview of upcoming trends in your sector, depending on the audience you are targeting.
  • Collect user data to improve your knowledge of your prospects.
  • Acquire organic traffic by taking advantage of the impressive growth of the reference search engine for images.
  • Boost your ROAS by investing in high-profit campaigns on an Ads platform that is among the most relevant on the market.

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