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Using Android with an internet connection means you have all kinds of information. With the help of the internet, you can get the solution to almost all questions. The Internet can be used on any device but Android Phone is easy to carry. It means details, news, information, and solutions are in your pocket. Android is an easy to carry as well as pocket-friendly device that can be easily affordable by anyone. Nowadays everyone knows the importance of privacy so they also want to protect their internet activities. So we have provided both Paid + Free techniques to hide the IP Address on Android.

Top Paid + Free Methods to hide IP Address on Android

What is IP Address On Android?

Every Internet Service provider company provides Unique IP Addresses to the Android internet user. It offers IP to hide the real Internet Protocol(IP) at the time of browsing any site. It uses to protects the real identity from the website which you have visited.

Adopt the best method to Hide the IP Address on Android. If you don’t have a budget then you can try the Free tricks to switch or change the IP Address.

Use Virtual Private Network(VPN) Software

Virtual Private Network software is the common and safest way to hide Internet Protocol Addresses. The  VPN software which you choose to have many servers in different countries. So, you can switch the IP Address at any time and secure or hide your real IP from hackers.

List of Best VPN

Hola VPN is the best online privacy software that helps to switch the IP Address within seconds. A Free Version of Hola VPN is not as secure as Paid Version. But now grab the best offers on Hola VPN Discount Code 2021 on the Paid Version. This is the best way to get privacy with no leakage of information at a reasonable price

KeepSolid VPN

KeepSolid Virtual Private Network app provides privacy on online information. It has unlimited servers so you can switch your IP with any server. Some servers are not secure and are easily hacked by hackers. Now chase the best deal on the use of KeepSolid VPN Promo Code 2021 to get security at a minimum price.

Use Firewall

A Firewall provides unique private IP Addresses to the users. But when you browse or do anything then it shows the Public Internet Protocol Address. It hides your Private IP and shows a Public Internet Protocol Address.

Change the Network

This is the free trick to hide the IP of the device without the investment of money. This can be happening by following simple steps which are given below:

Steps to Switch the Network on Android

  • Go to the setting on Android
  • Tap on the Wi-fi
  • Now, choose the Network to switch it with another one

This is the simplest way to hide IP Addresses for free on Android.

Take help from ISP

If your IP gets hacked or misused by hackers then ask ISP to change the IP Address. Take help from ISP because they can provide you different Internet Protocol Addresses. Internet Service Provider company offers unique IP or changes it with the existing one.

How do I know if someone is Hacking IP Address?

If your IP Address gets hacked then you can see some changes on your advice. You become unable to log in because a hacker can change your password and steal all your information. Hacking shows the effects on transactional information also. If some online Transactions arise without your permission, it means your information gets a leak.

Does Security Software helpful to Hide IP Address on Android?

Yes, but you have to choose strong software to keep privacy and a layer of protection on your identity. We have discussed both Paid and Free ways which can help you to hide IP Addresses on Android. But using VPN is more useful as compared to any other software. It is because VPN has many servers which are more secure than using any other method to hide IP. You can also hide the IP Address for free by choosing the free versions of VPN. But it can be risky. So, choose the VPN within your budget with rich-quality features.

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