How to make a post shareable on Facebook

Following the recent uproar and criticism of Facebook’s new privacy settings, the 400 million-strong Internet social network says it will soon simplify its privacy settings.

Everyone has something to say about buying facebook likes. Some have deleted their accounts. Some are threatening to leave the site. Has anyone studied the privacy settings or is it changing what we see now? According to the New York Times, the site’s privacy policy is longer than the US Constitution. Users will have to follow 170 special options. Remember, it takes a long time to change your settings to “friends” or “friends of friends”, and the person who knows your Facebook URL (like the people you know) is your Will be removed from friend list Facebook is now the personal information that compels us to disclose.

The only way to prevent this is to block them. You do not have permission to post.

Suspending a Facebook account is the only option offered in their user interface. Users can suspend their Facebook account from the user interface without any hassle. But beware, read a good post!

Facebook says, “If you want to return to Facebook at any time after canceling your account, you can log in with your email and password and restart your account.” OK! So it is clear that I still have the account … so go to Perfect Delete … In the Facebook Help Center you can find the URL to delete your Facebook account permanently. Restart your account and return the content. “

Once you’ve permanently deleted your profile, you’ll need to take 5-6 steps to complete your task, and Facebook will send you a confirmation message – “Delete your account from the site. It will be permanently deleted in 14 days. ” There is an opportunity to cancel the application! Was removed and received a 14-day grace period, during which he received further inquiries / ballots. As usual on Facebook, but 2 weeks later his account was canceled and he tried to enter his main email / password, confirmed and refused. A few weeks later, he wondered why he could not investigate. Re-register with this email and other information, and it allows you to create a new profile that includes the same information as before.

As a result, they allow you to register with the same email and information.

But I don’t think Facebook cares about you right now, it doesn’t want to lose any information about your service. Your work statistics, school history, friends, networks, photos, your branded face, and more. They are not something you can collect on your social networking sites all year round.

The question is, how safe are you to disclose personal information on social networking sites? How safe is it to have your name, school name, city, state or phone number on a social networking site?

For some, social networking is a waste of time, a place where the Internet produces a lot of useless and repetitive content, and a great opportunity to influence people’s relationships with others. For others, social networking sites have become the hottest “place”. You may be at work, at home, or at school, but these sites allow you to meet and update old friends, find new ones, and get yourself out of it.

Whatever you think, one thing is clear: Social media users need to be careful when posting personal information on the Internet. Counterfeiters may combine information and parts collected here to steal their identity or deceive.

Your social security number, home address, home / personal phone number, and

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