How To Pick The Right Printer For Your Home And Office

Yes, we all know that the world is becoming more paperless but still at some point in our life we all need paper, whether for work-related stuff or for normal use.

Many people still crave paper documents as they are physical prints form.

If you are one of those people who like having their important data in the physical printed form then you must need a printer for both office and home use.

There are alot of printers available in the market which creates difficulty for the customers to choose the best one for you. 

So to ease your difficulty we have decided to share some important key points that will help you to buy the best printer for homeschool, work from home set up, everyday home use, and office use.

Printer Buying Guide for Your Home and Office:

Before going to any further key points related to buying guide you have to list down your needs and requirements first, this way it will be easy for you to select the right one.

Inkjet, Laser, or Smart Tank:

First of all, you have to select between these three types of printers.

Inkjet printers are those printers that use liquid or wet ink, these inks get sprayed on the paper using nozzles or cartridges.

These are the most usable and common printers available. There are lots of different brands option for an inkjet printer.

These are also easily available and they are inexpensive too so they are best for home use.

Inkjet printers are best for producing vibrant color pictures in high quality.

The only drawback of these printers is that the ink dries out quickly so you have to buy and invest in ink cartridges again and again.

Laser printers are those printers that only use powder ink toner.

The powder ink gets diffused into liquid ink with the help of heat and gets sprayed on the paper, this technology is also known as laser technology.

There are also lots of laser printers option available but mostly these printers are very large in size and they also occupy alot of space.

These printers are available for both colored and monochromatic pictures but they are especially known for their sharp and crisp black and white pictures, texts, and fonts. These printers are slightly on the expensive side so they will be best for office use.

Smart tank printers are like inkjet printers but they contain more ink than regular ink cartridges. These printers are also small and compact in size.

Smart ink tank printers didn’t interrupt your printing.  Printers that contain smart ink tanks save up to 85% of the money that you spend on standard ink cartridges.

Printing Speed:

You have to be careful about the printing speed of your printer because if your printer is slow it will really affect your productivity, especially for office use. If you go for a smaller size printer then it will produce less paper output in a minute than the big size printer.

The printer with 10 – 15 PPM will be good and for office use, 20 – 40 PPM will be a better choice.

Single or Multifunction:

Multi-functional printers have 3-4 inbuilt features in them which include copy, scan, print, and fax.

If you want a printer for home use then the regular single function printer will work for you make sure it has both color and monochromatic print output features available.

But if you want a printer for office use then the multifunctional printer will be best because there is definitely a need for copy scan or fax in offices, multifunctional printers are also good for homeschool and work from home setups.


Printers are becoming advanced day by day because of the features they are providing.

New technologies such as LCD displays, color printing, auto-document features, and much more.

Due to a lot of specifications the prices are also increasing.

So first you need to determine your purpose. If you want a printer for office use buy a monochrome printer. As there is no need for color printing in the office, buying a color printer is just a waste of money.

If you want additional features genuinely then spend your money otherwise go for a simple one that satisfies your basic demands.


This guide will definitely help you to choose the right printer for your office use and home use.

You have to determine your requirements first before buying because there are alot of different features so it might confuse you at the time of purchasing.

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