How To Play Online Mendicot Game?

A card game from India is known as Mendicot. 

It is now also accessible as an online mendicot game on the xoslot. 

Dehla pakad, a game popular in northern India, is quite similar. 

The final goal of the game is to win all of the 10s for your side. 

Mendicot is a popular multiplayer online card game that is a lot of fun for players.

The number of people using it has multiplied several times since it became accessible through the internet. 

Mendicot is a game that has its roots in the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

However, the world has been renowned for its amusing antics and fascinating gaming in the last several decades. 

A number of card games including Spades and Poker may be won with Mendicot techniques. 

Mendicot may be a great way to unwind after a long week of work and have some fun while doing it. 

A team of two players may play this game with a maximum of four players.


Mendicot is a two- to a four-player board game. 

More than four players may be accommodated by utilizing several decks, which are not presently supported on this website.

Players take turns playing one after the other in each round. 

The hand is won by the person who has the best card at the end of the round. 

The goal of the game is to win as many hands as possible with just 10s. 

If you win three or four of these hands in a row, you have won the game. 

Every round, once the first player plays a card, everyone else must play cards from the same suit. 

To play a card from another suit, they must have at least one card from that suit in their hand. 

They will get more points for a trump suit than any other. 

This means that even a 2 of the trump suit will be worth more than an Ace of any other kind. 

No matter whether it is an Ace or a King, if they play any other card, the value will be lowered.


There are two ways to choose a trump. 

Either a player hides it before the game begins in secrecy. 

If a player runs out of cards in a suit and plays another suit, that suit becomes the trump suit in the next round. 

In our version of the game, only the second approach is used.

Two Players:

A 4×5 matrix of pairs of cards is set out on the table for two-person games, with each player receiving six cards to hold. 

The top two rows of a player’s deck are made up of the cards of their opponents, while the bottom two rows are made up of their own cards. 

The top card of the pair is hidden by the bottom card, which is shown face up. 

When the top card is used, the bottom card is flipped face-up. 

Only cards that are face-up on the table may be played by a player.

Three Players:

To play with three people, remove one of the deuces from the deck, and then deal out all the remaining cards equally among the three of you, giving each of you 17 cards.

Four Players:

When played by four people, the players seated across from one another form a team. 

The winning squad is the one with the most mendis collected. 

If there are two mendis on each team, the team with the most hands wins.

Hands-On-Head Ranking:

Teen Patti may be played in one of two ways when it is played online. 

A 52-card deck has two Jokers that may be utilized as wild cards. 

Prior to the showdown, a player must maximize their pot in an attempt to defeat the three-card hand of their opponent(s). 

A higher-ranking hand in poker will always defeat a lower-ranking one. 

It does not matter who initiated the showdown; the money will be divided equally among the participants. 

In a variant based on suit ranking, the winner is the player with the highest suit.


Now you may easily play online mendicot and adolescent Patti games.

Everything has gone online in our digital age. 

That is how the games went from offline to online mode as well if you follow me.

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