How to play Pokemon Geo.

Many netizens can’t wait to experience the journey between the real and the virtual world, especially here in Pokemon, the Philippines. John Hankey, the founder of sports developer Nintendo, said he did not want to limit the game’s availability. This game was originally released in European countries, but we have solved the server problem with the aim of releasing the game in almost 200 countries.

Discover Pokemon in the real world with Pokemon Go!

The 26 European countries launched by Pokemon Go include Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Ireland and Ireland. Norway, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland. Who knows Although there are a lot of local players, I don’t think the Philippines and other Asian countries that have a lot of players waiting for this game will be ignored.

Due to the company’s commitment to distributing Pokemon Go games globally, it could launch in the Philippines before the end of the year.

How to play Pokemon Go?

Developed from Pokemon Go Nintendo’s real-world gaming platform, which allows players to explore the real world and encourage Pokemon to watch (this is the real world). This is the background of the game) In this game, you can catch more than 100 Pokemon while exploring your area like a video game series using real world locations like New York, Paris, Japan (Canto, Hokkaido). have been.

You can catch countless Pokemon by exploring your city, town, and even the world. If your mobile phone turns, it is a signal that you are close to Pokemon. If you find a Pokemon, hit the touch screen of your smartphone and point to that Pokemon. If you aim, you can easily catch it by throwing a pocket ball. Be sure to hit him with a pocket ball. Otherwise, you can run away. At the same time, you should look for pocket stops to collect more monuments, public art installations, landmarks and similar places, pocket balls and other items.

Pokemon Go Trainer account and customization.

After creating an account, players will have to choose a hairstyle, skin color, eye color, clothing style and other accessories to create a ghost and customize the ghost. When a user creates a ghost, the ghost appears in the player’s location, along with a map of the current area. The main function of the map is to show the total number of Pokemon Jammu and the number of postcosts. Custom ghosts also move with the map as the player travels through the real world that you can download here.

Pocket stop function.

PokeStops offers pocket balls, eggs and even utensils. In fact, it may work with what Pokemon  Gravity is commonly called “gravity.”

The purpose of the gym

The gym serves as a battlefield for the team-based “King of the Hill” competitions. You can usually find it in an interactive place.

Grab another Pokemon and complete your Pokemon.

As a trainer you will be able to catch more powerful Pokemon as you advance your level and add your Pokemon to complete them together. In addition, it provides access to powerful objects such as large balls to provide a more effective attack to catch Pokemon. You will need to find and find more Pokemon to reach the top.

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