How to remove colour from your clothes like a pro?

Have you ever washed your favorite clothes only to discover coloured stains on other clothes, regardless of whether they are white, black, or coloured? 

This is due to the numerous factors present during the washing process. It is likely that when you first start washing your own clothes, you will forget to separate the darker tones from the lighter ones. 

Considering so many variations is exhausting, and it is common for a coloured garment to slip through our fingers. Follow the tips on how to remove colour from your clothes listed below to restore your clothes to normal and wearable condition.

Consider the following before washing coloured clothes in a washing machine:

  • If it’s white, don’t wear it with coloured clothing.
  • Colored clothing should not be treated with chlorine or bleach.
  • Mixing soft and strong colours is not a good idea.
  • Underwear and outerwear should not be mixed.
  • Keep chlorine or bleach cans away from coloured clothes to avoid staining. Sort clothes by type and wash them separately.


Cold milk is one of the most effective ways to recover these garments. The procedure is straightforward: fill a pot with cold milk, preferably from the fridge, and immerse the affected garment for several hours. It is recommended to change the milk every three hours because the ink will come off and the result will be better.


Yes, you read that correctly. Eggshells are extremely effective at removing these stains. All you need to do is fill a container halfway with boiling water and egg shells. After it has boiled for a while, turn off the heat and add the affected garment. Eye! Before attempting this method, carefully read the label of your clothing, as many materials do not withstand high temperatures and would not withstand the heat of water. After about 10 minutes, remove the garment, being careful not to burn yourself, and wash it in the washing machine as usual.


The following solution is easily accessible and simple to implement. Simply place the faded garments in a saucepan with several unpeeled potatoes and bring to a boil.

Even if you don’t peel them, we recommend washing them first. After the clothes have been boiling for a while, you will notice that the run-in colour has faded. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. This trick should not be used with synthetic garments because they cannot withstand the temperature that the water reaches.


You have no reason to not try this rather simple technique because all you will need is water, salt, and ice, all of which you most likely already have at home. In a saucepan, combine water and a generous pinch of salt, then add the stained garment. Although ice is not required, the colder the water, the more effective this trick will be. Allow the garment to soak for an hour before washing it as usual. If the stain does not disappear completely with this method, try adding a splash of white vinegar.

Let’s move ahead with some mild chemical reactions now to remove colour from our clothes.


Baking soda and vinegar are required to perform this trick. Make a paste out of both ingredients and apply it to the mould stain. Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes before rubbing the garment. After that, wash it as usual.

Tip: Regardless of the product, try washing colour stained clothes in hot water. High temperatures help to effectively remove colour stains as well as any allergens that may have been left on clothing.

When laying out the garment, try to do so in the sun whenever possible. The sun’s rays also help to remove colour stains in clothes while also whitening the skin. Colored clothing should be hung upside down.


Make a solution of water, ammonia, and detergent, and then soak the faded garment in it. Allow it to soak for about 15 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with cold water and putting it in the washing machine as usual. You’ll see how it looks brand new!


Only use this method if the stained garment was originally white. The procedure is straightforward: Soak the clothes in a solution of eight parts water to one part bleach for about 15 minutes. After that, rinse it and wash it with the white laundry products you normally use.


The presence of a stain or colour on clothing should not imply the end of the garment’s useful life. Although we can always take our clothes to the dry cleaners, there are a number of home remedies that can help us remove the most common stains, such as blood stains, red wine, gum, and so on, quickly and reliably. Even so, you must exercise caution because these remedies are not always applicable to all types of fabrics. The same thing happens when we want to remove unpleasant odors from our clothes: if the fabrics are delicate, it is best to leave the job to a professional to avoid potential damage caused by improper washing.


How to use diluted Ammonia to remove colours from your clothes?

This method is also only for removing fade stains from white clothing. Soak the affected garment in a container of this product for 20 minutes. After this time, without washing it, lay it out in the sun to dry, and when it is nearly dry, rinse it with cold water to remove the stain.

How to Get Rid of Blood Stains from your clothes?

Blood stains are amongst the most prevalent forms of staining. Before eliminating a freshly occurred blood stain, we should first prep the fabric by soaking it in cold water for a period of 20-3 minutes and then softly rinsing it. You will see, most of the stain has now disappeared. You can now easily wash the garment in a washing machine like any other garment.

The technique is harder when the blood is indeed dried, but could still be cleaned efficiently. The very first process is usually the same: dip the clothing in a slow drain of tepid water. Scrub the stain till the fibres permeate it with a bile soap. Give the soap time to swiftly do the maximum work before cold water is rinsed off the clothing and then put it in the washing machine.

How to Get Rid of Red Wine Stains from Your Clothes?

Cold water is a tested and proven approach for removing any recent red wine stains. The very first action you must take, is to clear the stain and wash the spot with cold water instantly. Here, using sparkling mineral water can also do wonders. Now, gently rub the cloth to avoid a fiber bonding of the colour of red wine. You can wash the cloth as normal after this method.

Salt may also be a great answer to the rigid, how to remove colour from your clothes query. It can be used for removing wine stains by disseminating them on the wet surface until fully coated. The salt absorbs the pigment in this way physically.

You may then wash the clothing as usual. Use dry shampoo if the wine tin is on a delicate material like silk or cashmere, then sprinkle it onto the tin and brush it lightly when the tin is up. But, dried wine stains are extremely difficult to remove. In a bowl, add a spoonful of detergent or dishwasher with the cold water and soak it for around an hour. Brush the surface or use a scrub to assist the solution absorb the fibres. Rinse well and wash the cloth as normal with cool water.

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