How To Rotate Text In Google Sheet

maybe you are using Google sheets and are wondering how to rotate text in a Cell like you do in Excel or maybe you are just wondering why you need it. You may want to make headlines for your lines there is no direct way to do it. There is no easy way to do it with menus but there are workarounds and I will show you some of them now.

They both come with different numbers so you have to find out why you use them to find out which one you want. So how do you do it – Go to the input and go down to draw down and in the input dialog dialog, there is a text box option. Choose that. Draw your text box. Type the text. Then size the size.

Rotation Method

The rotation method uses this small handle at the top. You want to hover over a circle, hold your left mouse button and rotate it the way you want. So obviously you can even do this if you want to. Then save and close. then enter your text. That’s great because you can rotate it any way you want and that’s a common practice we use in Microsoft Excel if you have a bad idea that this doesn’t really work. It floats above because this is a text box. Check: How tot rotate text in

So you can place it exactly where you want it but the lines don’t make the default size if you had an arow on top, it may not go down and behave like a normal cell. That can be good or bad depending on what you do. The next option is to type your head in the cell and take that cell and make it really fat.

After that you should have the word wrap so I will go to the menu on the right and select the text wrap and wrap and that will wrap the text. Now you realize that it has made you go up and down but the characters are still going left to the right so it is a different but different or bad behavior that increases the size of the column height.


Then there are two formulas you can use and I will put them in the video description on YouTube so you can copy and paste them. You take this formula, change the cell “Text is vertical” (it is here twice), change that text. I made this formula show by putting one measure before it. If you subtract one measure it is magical. Still, it keeps you upright. When I go into it, it wants to put a small delivery box in it, which is why it works so hard to make you big.

There is a text that will be vertical. Same thing. This is just another form of formula. I can use this in person. It’s just short. After seeing this, I don’t know why you can use another one but I put it in there just because it works And you can also see that I have one single dose before I do nothing here. However, insert this text in your own text and scroll it down. now Column width doesn’t matter here, in these two formulas and that makes it easier than the option to add it to the column to make it smaller.


The last thing you can do, and the advantage of this is that there is no formula. You just control the entry after all the letters so if I hit J (or H) I hit J hold on control in press enter it will enter the next line but it is in the same stock. Just do that until you type it all out. You can create a pair online if you want and hold control and press enter. And that way, you can get your head dry. I hope that in these five options, you can find something that works for you.

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